Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

I read ten reviews of lists of gallery plugins for WordPress. Seven of the ten recommended one plugin in particular. I have downloaded it and installed and activated it. Now I am reading the user manual online because it turns out this plugin has a very steep learning curve.

I made a batch of what I am calling “Enhanced Snickerdoodles”. I added a bit of vanilla and orange zest to the cookie dough because I find it quite plain. And I spent so much time making it fluffy and folding in the sifted flour, I want the flavor to match the texture.

I apparently bought the Bugatti of hand mixers. This doesn’t go to 60, it starts at 60. It has at least 575 horsepower. I’m going to paint racing stripes on it. I was not ready for that. And I still didn’t trust it to mix the flour into the wet ingredients. I have this pathological fear of overworking the dough. I did that once with cookies. There is nothing worse than a chewy sugar cookie. It was horrible.

Now the dough is chilling, a necessary evil, since I lowered the flour a bit because I found them too dry. I will wait until they are baked and I have tasted a finished one before I decide if I’m going to post the recipe. Once again, it no longer resembles the original, so I’m now claiming Enhanced Snickerdoodles as my own.IMG_0035

I still need to eat. Dammit. Maybe I’ll make tuna melts in crescent roll dough. That should be fun to eat. And lots of fun to make. I wonder if the tuna in the fridge is still good, or if I have to make more. Hmmm. I’m not getting up right now. I cleaned the kitchen that Doc trashed with a bbq adventure before I made cookies. I am sitting. And I should be reading that user manual. I can’t fill the site with content until I have a working gallery with which to display said work. It’s been fun changing colors and everything, but it’s time to get serious about what this site is all about: showcasing me.

Tomorrow, I think I will paint the child’s chair that Doc found me. I’m going to paint the seat and back rest a deep blue, then tape off wide stripes and paint the rest black. That will be my “stand” for my product photos for the PRH store. I’m not sure if I will take the pictures outside, or what. It is supposed to get cold and windy again tomorrow. I may have to set up across from the sliding glass door to get decent light for photos. I just need to get a few items up and the cart and such configured. I have a long list of things I need to do. Like set up the member area. Though I have nothing to put in it, yet, so that is waiting a bit. But I could at least get it configured and put up a bulletin board or something.

Okay, enough. Back to reading. Once I learn it, no power in the ‘verse can stop me.

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