Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

"Of Cabbages and Kings"

EVERY damn afternoon! When I am at my most productive while the sun is up, the internet goes out. I am typing this into Notepad++. The computer keeps shutting off, and when it stays on, I can’t access the web. And I have some really important Google searches to do.

The Charlie Brown Christmas Special is on at 8, so you know where I’ll be from 8-9pm. And then NCIS:NOLA. BTW, I tried creating a workable drinking game for that show, but there are so many Southern tropes to be used that they really haven’t had to repeat one, yet. Maybe after this season, a pattern may start to emerge.

Speaking of drinking games, CSI:Cyber had a sentence in it Sunday night that would have required drinking straight from the bottle until you spit. I mean, they PACKED this sentence. It’s all about the phrasing. And I think someone actually (this would make the 2nd time, that I am aware of), referred to the “dark web” instead of the “deep web” when they did, indeed, mean dark web.

I keep trying to learn Japanese history, so that I have something to talk to Doc about that is about him. Aside from the shrines and architecture, I keep running into really ugly things that they have done throughout history. I maen, for such a reserved, proper group of poeple, they have a nasty mean streak. When I learned about the Kamakazi fliers, I got a clue how ruthless they were. How focused they were on a common goal that the one truly did not matter. I spent a lot of time trying to see Truman’s side of things, how he could get so savage, to drop those bombs, even after he knew the war was effectively over. Did he do it because they, with their actions through history, had dehumanized themselves in his eyes? Karmicly speaking, they deserved it for past transgressions as a country? Was that how Truman saw it when he ordered the B-52s on their flights? It’s worth a thought.

So, I just talk to Doc about the shrines and the buildings and the gardens I find. The places I want him to visit and photograph the next time he goes home. I llove his photographs. He has an unusually aesthetic eye. The things he does/chooses artistically are always really pleasing to the eye, but not necessarily for conventional reasons. That’s why I want him to photograph me. But I want him to be into it. I want his creativity that comes out so rarely.

And, yes! Doc is snoring (good, he needed a couple hours sleep). And it is getting darker. And the internet is still not on. I’m going to go smoke a cigarette and see if my cola is cold yet, I’m sick of this stomach ache, and I know cola will cure it. Even though I hate drinking the stuff, it is SO bad for me. And it is so sweet. I know I put a lot of sugar in my coffee, but it is nothing compared to a glass of cola. It makes the remainder of my teeth hurt.

I just ordered three Wilton cookie cutters. The only Xmas ones I have are a tree and a Dala horse, and that’s only kind of Xmasy.

My mixer came today! I’m making cookies tonight! Just as soon as I clean up what Doc did to the kitchen. I am SO stoked. And now the cable is back on, and I have stuff to do. So, um, bye.

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