Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

The Wonder that is Doc

I know I talk a lot of shit about him. We’re married almost 16 years and live as brother and sister. To be sure, he talks shit about me, as well. I frustrate him ten fold over what he frustrates me. We vent. But we love each other. And we show it in little ways.

For example: Doc is out, on his mountain bike, on an ingredient run. Flour, eggs, sugar, chips, raisins, and my dinner for Thanksgiving, which I am spending alone. The ingredient run is a run-up to the holidays, when we make batch after batch of cookies and he takes them to work and everyone loves me for a few weeks.

My Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer with Silicone coated beaters and whisk will be here this week. Oh, my cookies from previous years will be forgotten. I have been making cookies by hand mixing for the last 20 years. I make damn good cookies, people keep coming back for more. But it’s nothing compared to what I can do with a mixer, with which I can not only cream the butter/eggs/sugar/vanilla, but make them fluffy. And then folding in the sifted dry ingredients into that fluff, the cookies are so light. And I can make a cheese cake and I can make buttercream icing, so I can make sugar cookie cutouts. Back when I lived at home, I made a butter cookie recipe that the cookie literally melted on your tongue. I can’t find the recipe now. I search for it every season. They are too delicate to frost, you dip them halfway in melted chocolate. I can’t wait to get my hand mixer! They originally said it would be here tomorrow. I seriously doubt that, but I have a pound of butter softening. Sickerdoodles and Spiced Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies. That second is my own recipe. Chocolate is really good with cinnamon and nutmeg. If I have them, I add raisins or dried currants.

And I guess I’ll find some chocolate cookies and do those this year. No chips, no nuts, just a good, toothy, moist chocolate cookie. I would love to find a good gingerbread cookie recipe, but the one’s I’ve tried are too heavy on the ginger and taste very bitter. I’ve tried reducing the ginger, but it hasn’t saved the cookie. And the packaged Betty Crocker Gingerbread mix is a communist plot. It doesn’t even taste like gingerbread. It tastes like Anise bread. It’s horrible.

Okay, Doc is back. We’re set for sugar and flour and, strangely enough, bacon. I guess the quiches I’m making will be Lorraine. He stocked up on butter last week. I’m almost set. He has to take a run up to Winco to get some specialty bulk items. But we’re almost done.

Off to Pinterest to find the recipes I need. Have a good day.

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