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All Right . . . All Right . . . all right.

I typed “fun” into the search box on the plugin/widget search on and came up with a few things I will mess with over the next few days, but I came up with something I really like. A widget that pulls up random quotes from a list that I give it. So I am going through all my poems and finding quotes. And the poems that I can’t find quotes in, I am putting in a special folder for massive editing at a later date to salvage it. Quite an enlightening way to look at my work, trying to find sound bites in it.

I also found a button, that if you dare click , it will do something fantastic to my site, supposedly. It is supposed to turn my page into my kitchen when the meds are low. I haven’t tried it yet. It isn’t a widget, so I can basically type in a bit of what they call “short code” whenever I want and the button will appear.


The quote thing is a widget. I will put it on every page universally. Some of the lines are really good. I’m good at that. Writing a poem that is absolute shite, but for one or two lines that are just – BAM, right on. A really good performance poet who’s having a book published this year and is on a tour right now, just wrote a poem that got published, and the name of it uses one of my particular verbal eccentricities, you might say. It kind of made me feel queasy. He came up with a really descriptor phrase That I would love to use myself, but I don’t have the guts to ask him, and I don’t dare just use it. Kelli was right twenty years ago, I expect people to act like I would, and that is why I am constantly disappointed. I don’t expect special treatment, she said, just the same consideration I show, and no one ever .  . . it doesn’t happen most of the time. And yeah, it bums me out. I usually walk away from friendships profoundly disappointed with the other person, who is clueless what is wrong, because they are just being them.

Could the Rapture just come already and take the self-righteous assholes so the rest of us can get some damn peace? Let God worry about those lot. He created them, apparently, let him sort it. I think it’s pretty douchy of him to make a bunch of inferior myths about himself, center them in a tiny area of the world, and then leave those who are not interested here to deal with the idiots that don’t get the “myth” part. Jaysus, even the Greeks got what a myth was. Romans, too. And they were doing pretty good when they had a bunch of Gods and a bunch of myths guiding society. It’s when they switched over to Christianity that Rome fell. Everything fell. Italy eventually prospered, because of the evil and corruption that followed the Catholic Church around. AUGH!

I have to get back to quote harvesting. I still need to do dishes before I go to bed, or decide to do them in the morning. There’s about 15 minutes work in there. I just took Sudafed, so I’m feeling pretty energetic, and I can breathe now, which is a bonus.

I finally figured out what Chewbacca has been pouting about for the last few days. His hoodie. He wanted his hoodie on. He gets cold more easily than I do. So, next month, I am going to get him a couple more hoodies. I get them from China. It takes a month for them to get here, but they are really nice. And VERY cheap. His last one even came on a little plastic hanger.

Okay, talk to you guys later. And remember, you can comment on Facebook, LiveJournal, or directly to my blog at Fabulous Disaster, and I will get it and make my best effort to answer it.

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