Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

I took my meds a bit ago and my eyes are starting to cross. Good night.

I would be making the transition over to the "blog", which I will name "journal" on fabulous disaster, but I seem to have lost the page where the posts go. This is a temporary thing that I will work out this weekend.

This weekend marks the beginning of the Holiday Season. Time to make the Xmas Art Cards so they are ready to personalize and send out at the end of the month. Then, paint and glitter the pinecones that will grace assorted random places in our living room. Finish up as many smash books as I can. Get photos taken for the store and then set up the store. I've pissed around all week. Time to make things go again. I still have spooky chocolate mints to make. I'll do that tomorrow and eat them while I make the Xmas cards.

I'm thinking, for the Xmas tins that we deliver to "friends" and neighbors, since the ones we got are so small, this year I will make fudge, candied nuts and popcorn drizzled with chocolate and sprinkles to put in the tins. They are just too small for any more than half a dozen cookies. So I will go the candy route, and that way I get to make candy this year. I will still make cookies, of course. I am going to make the modified version of the banana bread tomorrow while I'm making the spooky chocolates. Then when that is gone, I think snkckerdoodles are in order. We have this huge bottle of ground cinnamon just dying to be used.

Thanksgiving is a non-holiday. I'll have him pick me up some take out or something. He's working that day and the day before and after. Or straight through, or with a 5 hour break, or, he's not really clear on how they are doing it. Xmas, he is staying home with me. He's using his last FMLA day to take the day off and be with me. I had the choice of Thanksgiving or Xmas. I chose Xmas. Not sure why. I guess because of the traditions we have been making together for the last three years. Consciously breaking the old traditions from growing up and making new ones that are just ours. Like playing Strip Star Wars Monopoly (and you think regular Monopoly is complicated) on Xmas day after a nice brunch of quiche and croissant and mimosas that degrades into passing the champagne bottle over the Monopoly board. You know, traditions. Good, old fashioned Family Values. Doc and I got 'em in spades.

My baby clones from my bushy plant, Aurora are doing really well in the cloner. I lost a couple, so Doc cut a couple more and they are rooting gangbusters. Another two weeks in the cloner, and we can plant them. I want to learn to train them. There are certain aesthetics that I want from the "stick" part of the bush, but there are also certain things that it needs to grow and bud properly. I'm going to look around for a guide on training them which way to grow, especially if we are going to keep Aurora going and use her as a mother plant. She is unusual that she has very small leaves and very petit stems. She is very bushy, I've tried to tame her, Doc has tied her up quite a bit. But she is growing around herself. So I kind of have to stop that and make her grow straight up.

Okay, I took my meds a bit ago and my eyes are starting to cross. Good night.

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