Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Oh, Mah Lord!

And, the internet is down, again! Rah! Let's hear it for my modem.

I figured out that I don't go to the doctor (ergo, don't need $90) until after I get paid this month. So, I should be able to get the Wordpress theme. But when I told Doc, he instead rattled off five other things that the $4 could go for. Add to that one cable modem. Fucking Christ! He thinks he bought me a lot of $$'s worth of stuff. And I guess he did, but he only paid $30 for it, I paid for the rest of it, or got discounts and used coupons and got free shipping deals. So, much money's woth, not much money spent. And I got that generous gift from one of my patrons that paid for a big chunk of it. And there was Patreon $. So, he's clenching. He was drunk the other day, which is rare, and actually told me how much money he had stashed. I was amazed. He's good.

So, the Wordpress theme. Yeah, so many more features can be opened up with a small fee. And with that one fee, you get the added features they develop in perpetuity. But with those features open to me, I can make my site, and then Kelli's site, and then all completely unique from each other and any other site out there. I have been collecting backgrounds and fonts for over 15 years. The set of backgrounds I want to work with are no longer available on the web. I can't find them, or evidence of them, anywhere. They are all Googie (mid-century) themed, in a range of colors. They are brilliant.

I have been going through the process of what plugins do what for what. I just deactivated many, and am looking for replacements. I hate the ones that don't mention anything about being limited until you download and install it, then when you try to use it, every option comes up "Pro Only" or something. That just pisses me off. It is a complete time waster, and even if I did really want it, I wouldn't buy it because it wasted my time like that. Just mention it in the description, be a man, be honest.

I have to look uip how to cook ribs without a grill. I know there is slow braising involved. Then baking. Maybe Doc will do his half on the grill, I hate everything that comes off that grill, so I will be baking my half. I will also be using basic, boring, bottled sauce. He can do whatever werid thing to his that he wants, because I know it won't be the same, and will somehow include allspice. I feel like I should make potato salad with them. We would need new potatoes, then, the ones we have are right scary.

I'm watching "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" with Nicolas Cage. Am I making a huge mistake? His hair is so . . . stringy. "Irk", the guy who used to stalk me before I moved out here, had hair like that. Creepy. Wild and stringy and all sticky uppy. Looks good on Cage. His hair is so strange as it is.

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