Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Clearly, I'm Frustrated

Doc doesn't get this "shopping online" thing. When you find a new place to buy clothes/shoes, they will offer you all manner of discounts to get that initial sale. You also have to consider the availability of sizes. For example, I found a pair of boots online over the weekend. The discounts I was offered for ordering them within 12 hours of registration with the site would put the price at $11. This made Doc suspicious, so I had to drop the issue. Then he brought it up today. I went and looked at the boots. Now, $35, and out of my size. So, I'm out boots, again, this winter. Every other place is out of my size in the boots I like, this was my last chance. Because he was suspicious of a special offer to seal the deal within 12 hours.

Clearly, I'm frustrated. He can't take me out to go shoe shopping, so I have to do it online. And I'm trying to do it on the cheap. I had the boots picked out. In my size. For $11. And they weren't a second or third choice. They were my first choice. First, he insisted that Psycho Bitch left me a pair like them when she left. No, she didn't. She wore a pair like them and left me a pair of stripper boots. It took 15 minutes to convince him of that, and I really don't think I convinced him. I anticipate him rifling through my closet in the near future, looking for them.

I am waiting on people right now. Too many to list. That is the one problem with working manically like I do. I get ahead of people. I cover so many bases, and then my list is empty. Meanwhile, people all have their own things to deal with before they can get back to me, and I usually pose questions to them that they need to think on, so that takes its own time. I should do some physical arting tonight and give my email box time to fill up. And I'm right on the edge of something and I'm really curious as to whether fate is going to push me over, or if it's going to pull me back and give me a tree limb, again. There's a tug-of-war metaphor in there, reach in and get it, would you? I just woke up from a Seroquel sleep and don't have the focus, yet.

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