Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

I invented another dish

A bit of a brunch tidbit, it's called Trailer Park Quiche. Don't worry, I took pictures and will put up a recipe/tutorial later. Something tells me I am running out of energy. It's been a couple of days since I slept longer than an hour and a half. I have so much to do.

I antiqued a few pages of card stock today and printed out tag patterns on them. I'm going to cut them out, punch holes, reinforce them and string them and sell them in packs of a dozen or so to scrapbookers. I will also include a couple in the Smash Book ephemera packages. Another thing upcycled. I was worried about that card stock. I got it just to make custom cards for Doc's mom (which she completely does not appreciate), so I have used three pieces of it on her, and had the rest of the ream. Now I am making the Xmas cards with it, and the tags, and I will likely make and sell thank you cards/envelope sets to sell on PRH.

And yes, I am going to put a cooking section on PRH. Punk Rock Chefing. With a disclaimer: I use wheat flour, whole eggs, milk/cream, butter, aged cheese, pork bacon and other completely yummy but politically incorrect ingredients in my recipes, this is comfort food. You have been warned. Substituting ingredients for something "better" or more "wholesome" will affect the taste (I will allow for turkey bacon in place of pork bacon), and I can't be held responsible for whatever monstrosity you come up with after trying to make a roux with margarine and soy flour. Take a chance, follow the recipe. Enjoy the meal. Walk an extra trip around the block with the dog tomorrow, it will be fine.

That should cover it and keep the gluten-free vegan hoards off my back.

I got all the aux alien skin stained and cured and sealed, now I just need to cover the backboards with it. I'm spacing things out so I'm always busy, but not overwhelmed.

Don't forget to email me your name and mailing addy for a unique Xmas art card. EVERYONE. I HAVE NO ADDYS FROM PAST YEARS, THEY ALL GOT LOST IN THE DATA CRASH THIS SPRING. So, get on it. Subject line "card" or "xmas" or "i'm in" or "i'm down with that" or some other positive thing that will jump out a me in the sea of design emails. I'm putting a limit of a hundred on this, and will stop collecting addys sometime before Thanksgiving. It's FREE ART. I'm really into this project, so you would be helping me out to develop my technique I'm using for this and expand my creative experience. Plus I don't ever get to do anything nice for you guys, with all you do for me. Let me give back what I can. Do me this favor. Please.

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