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It's early, but, free #Xmas #art #card offer. #Christmas #XmasCard

This is a very good, comprehensive, yet concise summary of schizophrenia. I really like it. This Dr. Weil guy seems to have a good head on his shoulders. When I first heard of him, I though he was just another Dr. Oz, but no, not at all. And now I know why I feel better when I'm eating lots of salmon. I wonder if he's any relation to the Nightmare-Weils that I was tangled up with in the 90's. I strongly doubt it, he seems to have ethics.

"Goodfellas" is on Spike right now. Oy, the editing! Like we're supposed to believe that Joe Pesci would say "Freakin'". I mean, right? I forgot he killed Spider. Good movie. Things are about to go all to shit. I always turn on th classics just as everything is about to turn all to shit. I am forever missing the first act.

I took a three hour nap, I feel much better. I have to remember, iff I am going to flip my schedule, that it includes a nap a few hours after I get up. I asked Kel today, and she saw no reason why I shouldn't flip my schedule, I'm more productive at night, and more comfortable, and I can be up during the day for something if I need to be. I'm a grown-ass woman, and as long as I am being productive, why not be nocturnal? I'm an artist/writer, how many of them are nocturnal? I'm sure a fair number. So, as long as I'm taking my meds, it shouldn't matter, and I shouldn't be feeling guilty, right? Right.

Doc and I have suddenly discovered texting for sensitive subjects we can't talk about without emotionally charged tones. Instead we text each other and it all gets worked out. I'm liking it. Whatever works, you know? We ave to live with each other, we may as well get along with each other.

I made a promotional poster/flier last night/this morning using a topless picture. I ripped off the concept from the movie poster of the last Bourne movie poster, though I've never actually seen the poster. It's got strips of black across a dark, grungy picture. I took the strips. That's about where the theft begins and ends. I changed the rest of the concept quite a bit. Any only a bit of nipple edge is visible. My Standards and Practices Committee, Doc and the cats, approved it for release earlier today. I don't know what Doc was exprcting, but he seemed relived when he saw it. I'm not looking to become a sex symbol, of course if I used a nude in a promotional piece, it would be modest, to a point. I'm not Amanda Palmer, my body is sot to hell, these photos were taken ten years ago. I can't live up to them, which is why I don't release them. No point in dwelling on the past. I'm pretty happy with my body as it is. I've gained a little weight since starting Latuda, but I can take that off by walking the dog daily. As for my small pot belly and muffin top, I've grown comfortable with them. Not "wear skin-tight-tops" comfortable, like the girls here in town, but I've always worn loose tops because of my obnoxious tits.

Kelli celebrates Halloween with me like Xmas. For Xmas she sends me little things, and cat and dog toys, but for Halloween, I get my big present for the year. This year, she is driving me mad hinting at it. It has something to do with Doctor Who, and I'm getting that I have to put it together (?), oh, and it doesn't make any noise (a condition of Doc's, it is why I'm not allowed to have a talking Dalek plush toy or a Sonic Screwdriver). It isn't Lego, the Doctor Who Lego doesn't come out until closer to the holidays. It's something that one of her co-workers came up with, and "his kids are incredibly lucky to have him as a dad". So I am DYING of curiosity.

Why can't I find my nearly-full roll of black duct tape? How does one lose something they use almost daily? I need that for my decorations. Dammit. I only have a few decorations, I want to put them up. Rarr.

I think I'm going to make my Xmas cards this year. I came up with an ink transfer technique today that yields really unique results, even if you are using the same design over and over. So no two cards will be the same. So, I'm collecting addresses starting now. If you want an artist's Xmas card (I'll even sign it somewhere subtle, so it will be a keepsake) from me, email me your name and mailing addy to with the subject line "xmas card". And please don't assume because I've sent you a card before that I have your addy, I've lost my saved emails from the last time I sent out cards, and I didn't keep any envelopes from the ones I got (like a fool). Do it soon, so I can get an idea of how many cards I'll need to make. That way I can take my time with them and everyone can get a nice piece of art. I really want to do this for you guys, so don't be shy!

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