Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

*shakes head vigorously back and forth*

OK, then. I slept on and off for the better part of 28 hours. I guess the last month caught up to me in one fell swoop. Right now I'm trying to get my head together and programming mix CDs. I'm actually (and this should surprise no one) trying to put one together about me. Like a musical introduction that covers as many aspects of me as possible in a dozen or so well written songs. I will fill and re-fill the folder. I will switch songs out. I will delete songs while chuckling and wondering what I was thinking. I will add others that may seem absurd to me right now. And after that? I have no idea. It just struck me as something to do, while trying to put together a mix CD for someone else.

My new laptop, Scout, may be dead. Or the screen may be dead (which, I have a large, unused flat screen staring at me right now, so that wouldn't be a big deal). Things happened. Intentions were good. Results may have been bad. We'll see. Doc thinks I am mad at him. He doesn't realize I am exasperated at myself for not doing a better job rewiring the trackball. I have no ill will toward him at all. He was trying to rescue my cat from one of his cats. No nobler cause. He tripped. It happens to me all the time. The cables on the floor between the coffee table and the couches are a deathtrap. When he stops maniacally cleaning and sits down for a damn minute, I will explain that to him.

Making soup today. Broccoli/bacon/cheddar/onion/cream. All the things I like. All together in a big pot. Doc will get me some crusty bread to dip in it. And at the end I will have eaten a vegetable. And canceled that completely out with all the other ingredients.

Am I taking today off? Or am I going to do a Stealth Stream? I can't tell you that, or it wouldn't be a Stealth Stream. But seriously, I have some staining to do in here. But most of what I have to do is applying clear coat to damp paper out in the garage, since the wind won't abate. I've put it off two days now, got to get it done. A fragile roll of paper to the side of my art stuff is not going to stay there indefinitely, unassaulted by the cats.

Oh, Doc says pizza is on its way. I've got to go now-ish. Oh yeah, and the Stealth Stream computer is the one that is down, heh, forgot about that. Blind art this weekend. HA! Magic.

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