Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Yeah, fell asleep typing "joe", it's a three letter word.

Oh, cursed Seroquel! I don't mean that. I just woke up hungover from it. I've been up two hours and I am stil seeing double. This is very hard to type. I'm not even looking at it. I'm just typing.

I got video of Boomer meowing at me. She was looking up at the ceiling and meowing at me, so I grabbed one of the cameras and started filming her. Got some really cute vocals out of hwe.

Another hour and a half has passed. The double vision is almost gone. Almost. I can see every spot on my glasses. Ugh.

I was sitting here a few minutes ago and fell asleep. Lucky I wasn't holding my coffee. That was my big thing in the hospital, when I was on Haldol. Falling asleep in group with a cup of decaf coffee in my hands and dropping it. At which time, the person leading the group would notice me for the first time, and then complain to my Doctor after. Ah, the heady days of Haldol.

I've decided that there is just too much material to wade through, I"m going to get a copy of my records from Dr. B. and work out a timeline of my meds, so I can coordinate it with my journals, written and electronic. I wish I could hire a temp to go through and save things in order with the scans of the written journals. I'm going to have to do it myself. I excel at things like that, but by the time I left the corporate world, my pay grade had risen above such things. I hired temps for such repetitive and menial things. I was also the type of person who would buy the temp lunch and hang out with them and assure them I had started out as a temp, and not so long ago. God, I hated corporate life. I'll go back into the kitchen, gladly. But I will never, willingly, step into another office building for employ, unless it's at the cafeteria on the bottom floor

I'm nodding off again. I'm going to go outside and toke al fresca on the veranda with a fresh cippa joe. Yeah, fell asleep typing "joe", it's a three letter word. I thought the mucinex would wake me up.

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