Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

OK, I know how crazy this sounds . . .

It is 16:00 PDT on Thursday, 10/1/2015. I have listened, I have read, I have Googled, I have taken notes, I have Googled more. I still do not buy the Kim Davis/Pope story. I just don't. There are too many things that are hinkey. Too many details that the media is all too happy to overlook. There was a Catholic pundit on CNN very early this morning, and he made some very salient points about those details. Either she is lying, or the Pope lied to the ABC reporter who asked him about conscientious objection. I can't swallow the Pope lying like that. I'm not a Catholic, I don't know why. I think the people here in America are attributing motives to him that are way too Machiavellian. They are mythologizing him in the worst way to explain this in American Political terms. But he is not an American politician. Too much doesn't add up. Like why Davis would give two shits about what the Pope says. Her religion doesn't consider Catholics to be real Christians. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. This is a PR stunt. There is something up with it. I still think that the Vatican's lack of denial is simply them being too classy to call an American woman, a nobody, a liar while the world is watching.

That is the only thing that makes sense. Because NOTHING IS TRUE ANYMORE. You can't trust anything that you hear, read, or see. That is one reason why, in the face of all the media-provided "proof", I am still sitting here, denying it. Because I fit into that. You can't trust me, either. Not because I am malicious like the people I'm talking about, but because I'm a bit "teched" (my new favorite stigma word). It just is what it is.

Scientists have been discussing the possibility that what we define as reality is really a sophisticated hologram. Something that comes into existence as we create/live it. But a complete illusion. What does that say about us, as a species, that this is the reality we have created for ourselves? (Yeah, shades of the Matrix origin story, can't be helped, a lot of people are thinking about it.) There's just no opt-out button.

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