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Cydniey Buffers

It's been a productive evening so far.

My guilt for taking the day off to get some sleep has melted away. I made half a dozen sets of book ends, and a rather unsteady and high stack of my special record bowls. I also found out that my CD bowl technique does not work on CDs with the paint still on them, and that there is no scraping the paint off of AOL CDs. Solvents won't work. Well, they will, but they will also damage the plastic disk, and not in a cool punk rock way, either. I tried that last week. There was no getting around or beyond the damage. I just realized that I do have one project for painted CDs that hides the paint, it just involves prohibitively expensive thin cork board that comes in a roll. I have no idea what I would be able to price the finished product at, so I really don't know at the moment if it is a practical way to use some 300 factory painted CDs. Meanwhile, if you happen to have any burned-at-home CDs that you have been needing to throw away, but kept thinking someone would find a use for them, I would take it as a kindness, and send you something hip or lovely in return for them. I gave up almost 1,000 of them when M moved out, and am kicking myself right now because I know he just out them in the garbage.

I've been keeping some of the records. Judas Priest, Ozzy, Dylan. But I melted down 4 Ted Nugent albums tonight (tell me that didn't feel good), and the one Kenny Rogers album my mom tortured me with as a child/teen. Yeah, it was a cathartic art session. They all seem to be, lately. Since the new med. It's like it gave me my passion for positive things back.

Speaking of, I just revived a decades-old running joke with a very old friend, and he didn't miss a beat, he totally got it. I'll be smiling behind that all damn night.

Good things happen when I'm a good person. Huh . . .

In the immortal words of the weasel-faced Frank Burns, "It's nice to be nice to the nice." (Points if you get that reference, back of the Netflix line if you don't!)

There is one (1) pink shiny fluffy ball. Over the past half hour I have been sitting here, three cats have walked by me separately with it in their mouths. Freddy now has custody of it and is sauntering around the house howling, with it in her mouth. So, really she is meowing, it just sounds like a howl because she can't articulate with the ball in her mouth. Did you know that, physically, cats have the vocal equipment needed to articulate human language? That's why I don't completely trust any of my cats. Because I know that they can talk to me, they just choose not to.

Oh, be proud of me! I took my old wired trackball, the one who's cable was chewed through by Major, stripped back the cable and the protective wrapping and found a wad of teeny, tiny, multi-colored wires. So I stripped each teeny wire with my finger nails (yes, they were that small) and tied it to its mate, then wrapped them in electrical tape to keep the isolated from each other. I plugged the trackball in, expecting nothing. When the cursor moved in response to my commands to the trackball, I near fell off the couch. It was, admittedly, sluggish, but I took care of that in the mouse settings in the "control panel" and, problem solved. Doc will be giddy. I know I was. I'm going to have to bite the bullet and put some of my software on Scout, who has a tad more processor power. I was stressed about that, but now I can relax because I have a reliable way of navigating. When you have to adjust something by the millisecond or pixel, a touchpad and the tip of your finger is just not going to do it, no matter what your screen resolution is.

Okay, Etsy doesn't have record bowls as nice as mine. They don't have CD bowls at all, I have two sizes (different size molds, not CDs). They have various record bookends, the simple ones I'm making are the most common and the most attractive. All of the price points match what I had in mind to charge. Next I have to look for shipping boxes. I want shipping to be as low as possible. I don't want to be sending big ass boxes with a CD bowl and 8 pounds of packing material.

And I have one other problem. A few months ago, I started having problems uploading cam images to my domain. I got in touch with Warped, my webhosts. They tried and tried to fix the problem, which ended up being on my end. I ended up wiping and reinstalling the OS and software on the drone because of it. They were SO helpful, even after it was clear that it wasn't their problem. The help ticket is still open, in fact. You can't get better customer service. I felt pretty badly about wasting their time with that. So when I put in the request/help ticket to switch my domain management over to Wordpress, or if it could even be done, I put the lowest priority number on it. Now I'm starting to worry that they are getting so much more important stuff that they can't even get to the low numbered stuff. And that I won't be able to change until the new year. Not such a big deal for me, but for Doc? He would be really happy if I could set up a shop to bolster my already listed eBay sales for the holidays. I don't want to list all of the stuff I just made on eBay because it would be a waste of money. And Etsy is just too big. There were five pages of record bowls. They wouldn't even know to search for CD bowls. But with my shop, I would make my own ads that would feature on my site. So people coming in for all other manner of reasons, would be clued in to fun things for sale in my shop, while they are on the site. I also want to put up a proper portfolio of my Photoshop/Photography. A couple of the artist sites I belong to won't even consider letting me post my work until they can see my portfolio. And an anonymous artist in New York sponsored my membership to one of these sites, so I kind of have something to prove here. Someone who follows me on social media set me up with this. It has to be social media, because what I have up on my site now is shite in comparison to what I post. I don't much care who it is, I just want to justify their faith in me.

Doctor Who: I blame Stephen Moffat. No, I'm not opening that Pandora's box right now. It deserves its own post. I have many thoughts on the downward spiral Doctor Who seems to be in since they lost their "handsome" young leads. It isn't so much Who, it's the audience. Americans just liked it as long as there was a good looking young guy with an accent to dream about. Now that the character has depth . . . no, not tonight. Let me watch the new episode first. Doc had major issues with it. And we generally agree on Who. Though he isn't as fond of Peter Capaldi as I am. I've loved him in everything that I've seen him in, and he has played vastly different characters in the stuff I've seen him in.

Okay, I have some brown paper to get wet and wad up and iron and clear coat and water color and clear coat and highlight so I end up with several feet of faux leather. Some of it is going to be the cover and the back bases of my smash book. I've been looking for ideas for the cover and back, nothing appealed to me. And the faux leather thing has always been out because Doc upcycles brown bags himself, so he gets first dibs. Something we got in the post used a ton of brown paper as packing material, and it is mine, all mine!

I also found a hefty stack of hand made, textured light blue paper with raw edges. I think I may end up making blank smash books and charging insanely high prices for them. The "factory made" smash books that try to organize the chaos that they are meant to be are an insult to the art form, and way too expensive for plain white paper. I could make some really nice bases. 20-30 pages of assorted papers, a couple of small file folder folios, a couple of hand made envelopes for stashing things in. All put together on binder rings, so the buyer could add or take away pages as they wished. And faux leather covers. That would be nice. I like making things for other people to create with. I could also sell my hand bound books as blank art journals, and, technically, charge up to $5 more than for a "regular" journal. I won't. I won't be mercenary. Cover my costs, make a couple of bucks. I'll have to pay taxes on it all. They are charging me taxes on my Disability (very rare in America to have your government stipend taxed), so every penny I make is taxed now. Even my Patreon money. I pay taxes on $9 a month. I stash it away in my savings account so it's there at tax time and I don't have to run around making money.

Speaking of money, I have applied for assistance paying for Latuda from the drug company. If accepted, I will save $125 off of every 30 day script for 12 months. That will help. We're saving up to buy a car. We're doing well with the stashing of money, but that extra money will really help move things along.

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