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Cydniey Buffers

It doesn't start that way, but this is about #art stuff, mostly.

I can't testify as to what Doc knows, or thinks he knows. He cleared his browser history before asking me, "Do you have any burns that I should be concerned about?"

"I just have this burn on my hand from the oven," and I pointed it out to him as it dawned on me that he was talking about what I had done to my legs. But he let it go.

"Oh, okay." He went back to making his pre-bed drink.

He still hasn't gone through the albums, so I guess I'm folding paper for the magazine bowl.

I found my heat gun, so now I can mix the two wax techniques I just learned on one canvas. I may do it on glass. I did an ink painting on glass yesterday. I'll post it soon, I'm letting the Patreon peoples get first crack at it. Which reminds me that I need to get a high res photo of it up there. I put a low res version up last night, I had to wait for sun up to get a proper picture of it. It was still hard, and I don't know how I'm going to get a printable photo of it for Fine Art America. The ink being semi-translucent and the glass being frosted, but also semi-translucent. It will take some time and some rigging of furniture and the purest white thing of drapery I can find. Fun Fact: It's called "Stigma Runs." It's my first experiment with ink.

I'm going to do a transfer thing for cheap prints. I have all of this transparency film that I can't use in my printer, so I can use that as the ink canvas, do the drawing, then the treatment, and then, very very quickly, press card stock to it to transfer the ink pattern to the card stock. Suitable for framing. Hand signed. Maybe numbered. Art I can do with stuff that I have. I'm all about up-cycling and reusing and using up what I have right now. And the ideas are coming in huge, tsunami-like waves. Again, Notepad++ saves my ass. I have to condense all of the notes into one "binder" folder on an external hard drive soon.

5 more days of Latuda. Then about 36 hours grace period as it leaves my system. *sigh*

Doc tried to buy me a bra today, but recognized at the last minute that it was the wrong cup size. A peace offering.

I'm looking for a big gesture. Go to the dollar store to get Halloween stuff before they sell out, like you promised; and go to the thrift store and get me the thing I need for the albums and start the search for the frame I need for a decoration for my room, like you promised. The spray paint and sealer will be at WallyWorld for pick-up in two days. Need that frame, and it's going to take more than one trip to find it. I know from thrift stores, ornate frames, even in questionable condition, are hard to come by. I have no problem doing everything up to rebuilding it. I rebuilt Doc's chair. It doesn't count that he came right behind me and fixed it himself. My bolts and screws have stayed in place, his have not.

Or, just look through the albums and designate a round bowl that I can use to mold them with.

I think I'll use the rest of my pony beads, instead of making another bowl, to make xmas ornaments. I have a tree and a rather large dove. I could make 3-5 doves and hang them from the ceiling in the vestibule. That would be festive. The hole poking is going to be a challenge. I have a nice enough awl, but it's a matter of getting it through the ornament in time to make a clear hole, and get the ornament out of the cookie cutter in time. I like a challenge.

Doc has been thinking about getting one of those cooking subscription things for me. Where they deliver the food and you cook it and eat it and clean up after it. I am four square against that. The food they show in the commercials is so far away from comfort food, it's like a plastic Eams couch, if he made a couch. And comfort food is all I'll eat.

I surrendered the garlic cheese pull apart French bread to Doc and am going to make a loaf for myself. I cut the first one wrong, so I didn't add it to my Pinterest Wins, yet. This next loaf will do it for me, though.

Oh! Great news! Doc is asleep right now and the news is on and I am typing frantically! He's in his room! Not being spoken to for 18 hours apparently got the message through. He also removed ALL the clothes from the comfy chair. Progress in behaviour, if not attitude. Now I have the day to myself. I have my cargo shorts off, so they are not rubbing against my thighs. I have the burns bandaged. I slathered them with Neosporin and taped gauze on before Doc got home and put my cargo shorts on to cover them. But the shorts rub against them at all times, moving the gauze that isn't covered with tape around. I've never hurt myself here before, I'm not sure what to expect on the pain spectrum. I notice when I stand up, blood rushes there and almost puts me on the floor. That took a bit of getting used to. The rest of it is cosmetic. No more mini-skirts. I wonder where Bernadette on "Big Bang Theory" gets her tights. I don't know if you've noticed, but she always wears short, full skirts and very opaque tights. I wonder if they are all wool. That wouldn't do at all. I could just keep wearing jeans, it's done me for 43 years.

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