Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

The Battle of the Razor Blades

First, let me state for the record that I have never used a razor blade to self-harm. Razor blades help us, I would not do that to them.

I need two clean, single blade razor blades to do a project I saw on Pinterest and am convinced I can improve upon. They need to be new and sharp because I need even coverage scraping paint off of something with a base that is overly sensitive to gouges and scrapes. I have explained this (with visual aids) to Doc. I know he is in possession of two boxes of 100 single edged razor blades.

But he won't give me any. Not even one. He keeps coming to me and saying, "I have a blade I just used on such-and-such, that I can let you have," and I ask him why I can't just have a new one, just one. And he says, why can't I just use a used one? And I explain again to him the several reasons why I need a fresh one, and he says if I'm going to be difficult, he doesn't see why I should have any.

Now, what could possibly be the reason for this odd behavior? He has 200 of the things. In the 18 years we have been together, we have used less than 10, so I don' buy the hoarding for a rainy day thing. I know where they are hidden and could just get one myself and lie to him and tell him I found it in my stuff, but I don't like to lie. We tell each other enough lies to keep things running smoothly, no need to add more to that load when it isn't necessary. So, in that Viking tradition, I will soldier on, and hopefully I will get that elusive razor blade. I even have a scraper holder to put it into, so there is no chance of me cutting myself accidentally.

I also found an idea for the perfect computer nerd desk accessory. Again, I think I can improve on the design I found. I watched a tutorial on how to make it. I have the basics, now to construct one and add the improvements and see if I came up with a win.

The second pony bead bowl I made last night was better, way better. I love it. Only one flaw in the design, which I will fix when I make the last one today (I'm out of pony beads, I never thought I'd be rid of those things).

I also have a couple hundred magazine pages to fold into sturdy strips.

I haven't opened Photoshop for two days. Later, that will come tonight. I hate working in Photoshop during the day. Night time is the right time for Photoshop. Day time is for arts and crafts.

And I have an instructional HDR photo to post at Patreon. My patrons are essentially accompanying me through the learning process of mastering HDR photography. It is a long road, not made easier by my loose tripod. I'm going to oil it and tighten it today so I have no more problems with it. The HDR processors are just not strong enough to help the ghost images I keep coming up with.

But why are the razor blades gone? (points if you guess the movie I bastardized that from, remember the points now count, so make an effort)

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