Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Words are deadly weapons in this house.

I'll set the scene: Doc and I are on our repspective couches, each on a laptop, watching Doctor Who. I initiate a conversation . . .

Me: I . . .
Him: NO!
ME: ???
Him: No. You do not get to blurt out stuff. I will not be your sounding board anymore! I'm sick of it!

What the entire hell? So I don't get to initiate conversation with him anymore? Starting a conversation is "blurting things out"? And what brought that on?

He just woke up to tell me triumphantly that he made me coffee. He apparently has no idea that he drank it all. I checked the pot first thing when I got up, it is empty. He rolled over and went back to sleep with his back facing me.

I am just so fucking confused. Yesterday, he agreed to the streaming of the "Stick Thing" late this afternoon or this evening, and I really hope this doesn't indicate that he is going to take it back.

Is this mid-life crisis stuff? He told me the other day that I am breaking him. I've never made fewer demands on him than I am now, and now he feels like I am crushing him, breaking him. I am at a loss.

He's also trying to figure out a way to tell me he's not going to pay for the Latuda. He keeps saying things like, "Yeah, but you've decided you're going to stay on it." when I have done no such thing, it is entirely up to him. It's his money. He keeps trying to put it on me forcing him into the affirmative, and I'm simply not. Yes, it changed my life, and our home life in three weeks or less. No, I can't use it instead of my other meds, it has to go along with them. Those are the facts. I'm keeping my objective opinion out of this. He's been searching for another drug like Latuda, with a generic, there is none. This is a brand new drug. Still under patent. It's his decision if I stay on it or not.

I'm tired of him manipulating me into making the tough decisions and accusing me of doing the same to him at the same time. Words are deadly weapons in this house.

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