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And, vodka soaked watermelon balls, how refreshing!

The outside of my right nostril is coated with Neosporin and covered with a bandage. The inside of both nostrils are liberally coated with Carmex, because allergies are fun. I have blown my nose so many times, I have opened an old wound on the side of my nose, and opened similar wounds on the inside of my nose, so that I am sniffing all of the time. Doc takes a pragmatic approach to this, my sniffing drives him up the wall, so he barks at me to blow it (he lets it annoy him until he is in barking range of the mood spectrum). I do, and nothing comes out. Then I get pissy, because I have just dragged tissue, no matter how soft it claims to be, across three open wounds again for no reason. It's a see-saw. So I am being pro-acive. Since I am determined to stay up all night and won't be poking at it in my sleep, I figured I'd slather up my schnoz for a few hours.

Taco meat - done
Spaghetti meat - done
Watermelon balls - done
Brownies - cooling, then I need to cut them into 1" squares and roll them in powdered sugar.

Oh! The Doctor Who episode with Ben Browder is on! It's a pity he dies in this, but he does a good job as a hairy-faced cowboy sheriff in the 1800's.

I made a cocktail for Doc for tomorrow. I took a small salsa jar and filled it with the nicest of the melon balls, then poured in about four tablespoons of watermelon juice, then filled it to the top with vodka and sealed it and put it in the fridge in the back, where the balls will freeze in the vodka and be all crystally when he pours it out to drink it, like little watermelon ice cubes. I wanted to roast off some of the baby red, yellow, and orange bell peppers he got. I figured if I roasted them, he could make a great sandwich with them and humus on the whole wheat flatbread he got. And if I roast them and then julienne them, he can put them in a salad, or a frittada. But when I mentioned it, he seemed wary. Who can blame him? The waffles I made him made him sick. He said it had to be the berries, but I don't know if he's going to let me cook for him again soon. I've never made anyone sick before. And I've cooked for a lot of people.

"His name is Joshua, it's from the Bible, it means the Deliverer."
"No it isn't."
"No it isn't. I speak horse. He's called Susan and he wants you to respect his life choices."

I love Doctor Who. It's been on all week, and I found out just last night. Because all they play anymore is "Star Trek: TNG", and Bear Grylls, and I have no interest in either of them. I've seen every episode of ST:TNG more times than I have seen every NCIS episode, and I know those by heart. So, it's just kind of dreary and reminds me of college. Bear Grylls . . . well, I'm not really keen on reality shows. Even his is among the most real, and I respect what he does and how he does it, I'm just not interested in watching it.

I really need to update my me-centric boards on Pinterest. I also need to start a "Pinterest Wins" board for the things I find on there and make myself.

Chewbacca is not eating again. Last night he gave his dinner, "puppy burgers" (moist food emulating ground beef) to Vader, who was happy to eat it for him. Tonight, he had kibble and cottage cheese, and he gave it to Major and Vader. I gave him a biscuit later, and he gave it to Major. I did get him to eat a bacon treat, but he can't live on bacon treats and stolen cat food. The one food he really did like was expensive. We've got all of our bills paid down to naught now, and are saving up for Doc to go back east for part of the holidays. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do. As long as I have groceries in the pantry and milk, I guess I'm fine for a few days. I can take care of myself for a couple of days. Sure, I can do it. I take my meds by myself. I eat by myself now, because one of my meds depends on me eating and it's the med that makes me feel so good. I clean the house on my own, take out the garbage and recycling, feed the animals. In fact, the only thing that Doc has to remind me to do is use mouthwash and shower. I've even been changing my clothes regularly, which is odd, for me.

I think Izzard is deceased. I know Iggy is gone. And Iggy II didn't survive his attack. But it's been more than a week since I've seen Izzard, and there have already been 2 all nighters this week, so if he was out and feeding, I would have seen him. So, I'm kind of bummed. The cats have rid the yard of lizards. Occasionally I will get a glimpse of one out front, they grow big out there. But the back yard is lifeless, but for the cats, and a few doves who are either stubborn or Republicans from Texas.

I got a couple of great pictures of Scruffy Black Cat that I will be posting on Circus Catimus' social media accounts this week. I'll put the links in here once I start updating those again. I got one of the headers for them done. I'm happy with it, though I'm questioning my decision to render the catnip plants in purple. I did it because I hate computer green, but I am rethinking that. It's easy enough to change. The single biggest change to my artistic process in the last year is keeping PSD files of everything I work on. I can go right back in and modify even the smallest detail in no time at all with no hassle. It has completely changed my work flow. I don't know why I didn't start doing it years ago, maybe space was an issue. Yeah, I think I'll change it back to green. It's only right. No one else will get it, and those accounts aren't for reflecting my "wacky" personality, except through the cats, and that doesn't include the graphics design.

Somewhere, I have a ton of plastic pony beads. I found something to make with them, and now I am desperate to find them, when before I was desperate to hide them so as not to remind myself of a poor purchase choice.

So much I want to do. I have pieces of stuff for stuff, but not all the stuff to make any of the stuff. And there really aren't enough hours in the day. I have to convince Doc to sleep in his bedroom. Sitting here for 4-8 hours in silence is getting to me. I can't do anything, because he has hearing like a bat. He needs to be in his room. He's said that when I sleep he can't do anything. Right. It has never stopped him from watching a war movie (a no-no) at a high volume while he cooks fish, or spraying down the couch with alcohol (which makes me cough uncontrollably) because he thought he saw a bedbug. He does the dishes loudly while I sleep, he slams doors, talks to the animals, I'm not quite sure what behavior I am impeding by sleeping on the couch. And I've told him I will go to my room if he just asks me to.

I hoe he feels better after the salad. He'll be eating it in about 20 minutes. Hopefully it will do right by his body. He NEVER gets food poisoning, in fact this is the first time in 18 years that I have seen it happen. And he is famous with Kelli and I for eating some questionable food and never getting sick behind it. But my food made him sick. I feel awful for him. I would never wish that on anyone. And to have to ride the bike to work feeling that way. My poor Doc. That's why I made brownies for him. With chocolate chips. And I'm doing the powdered sugar thing because he likes them that way. Bite-sized. That way he doesn't eat so much. They are super sweet, so he can't. He's very sensitive to sweet stuff. I'm kind of afraid of his reaction to the watermelon vodka, that might be too sweet with the juice in there. But he's been drinking it with grape juice, so I figured he'd like a change. And, vodka soaked watermelon balls, how refreshing!

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