Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

A Beautiful Day in Vegas

For the part of it that I was awake for, today was a beautiful day. I stayed up all night cleaning the house. There is always something more to do. Even after the obvious stuff is done. I swept the patio and driveway, cleaned out the vestibule . . . various things like that. At 4:30am I started preparing breakfast for Doc, mixed berry Belgian waffles and sausages. He got home with a bag of breakfast sandwiches for me and laughed that I was making breakfast for him.

After we ate, we decided to nap, and get up early in the afternoon and do some stuff we needed to do. I took my Seroquel and was out until 4. He said he was up and down all day and I let him sleep until 6pm, when it was time to get up and ready for work.

I have all the windows open, a lovely breeze is blowing through the house. I have all of the exhaust fans pulling the stale, summer air out of the house. They say it's going to go back up into the upper 90's this week, so I am going to enjoy it while I can. A couple of days of autumn.

I'm placing an order with tomorrow. Likely under $30 + shipping. Half will be Patreon money, the other half will be from my check, which went into the bank today. Some halloween stuff, like spider webs, which will cover the front yard desert scaping, and a few things to hang from the ceiling in the vestibule. The other stuff is random painting supplies, and some xmas supplies (I'm going to fuck up some pine cones with paint and glitter).

On my list from the thrift store are a bread loaf pan, for making xmas presents, and a large, ornate frame in questionable repair for a project I am doing for my own room. Doc insists we have a bread loaf pan. I am quite certain we don't. We had a pyrex one, but we blew it up on a gas stove years ago. And since we don't make bread, we never replaced it. I just need a cheap one, rusted if it so be. I'm making home decor sets for xmas gifts. Music themed. And, of course, I'm making a set for myself and Doc. My only obstacle is how to pack them for travel, but I think I have that figured out. I have acquired a lot of shipping boxes over the last year. I'm just going punk rock Martha Stewart on xmas' ass this year.

And, I'm making candy this year. If I have to order a candy thermometer from amazon, I will. Fudge and candied walnuts. And the usual cookie brigade. Doc found cookie tins at the dollar store last year, so we've got that taken care of.

I feel all crafty. I just learned how to make these incredible pendants. If I can find the additional element I want to add to them, to add my special touch, I will be making those for random people, as well. I found some jewelry I made, that I never listed on ebay. Some of it, I would wear, during the winter. Aside from my four rings and medic-alert bracelet, it is just too hot to wear jewelry in the summer, here. I had to take off my leather band because the sweat on my arm had caused the underside of the snaps to oxidize and they were making my arm all black. I'll clean those off and put the band away for the winter.

Meanwhile, Stick Thing will happen. I'm looking into a way to directly stream on youtube, we'll see how that goes. The help files and forum posts about the problem I was having with Google+ are as circuitous as the problem itself. They have specialists who post long responses that don't answer the question, just quote the answers given on the FAQ, or help pages. Google+/youtube need help.

Once I get it working, Stick Thing will likely be a day time happening. One of my favorite audience members, and good friend, isn't available for 8pm PST shows. Sure, she'll watch the video, but I'd like to give her the opportunity to see it live.

Oh, a word about the Mr. Robot finale. The scene where he is in Times Square and he is freaking out and he is saying to himself that he needs to be alone, and he closes his eyes, and when he opens them, everyone is gone, there is silence . . . That scene is RIGHT ON THE MONEY. I can do this. When I go into crowds, I don't see them. This is why Doc has to walk behind me with a hand on my shoulder, steering me and holding me back when needed. I don't see the people I'm about to run down or push out of the way. I don't hear them. They are gone. It drives him to distraction. But finally, I was able to say: "That! Right there! That's how I deal with crowds." And suddenly he understood.

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