Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

I Don't Even Know What to Title This. Word Salad.

In a fit of restlessness today, I cleaned the corner office in the living room. Here you see the desk, the side table with the printers on it, my three babies (the tripods). My four recent paintings are covering clutter that I've not organized yet, and the dead screen of the drone laptop. What you can't see is the huge stack of attachable hardware, and the orderly line of journals waiting to be scanned in. Also seen is a HUGE piece of negative wall space over the printer. Wow, that has got to be filled. I think I'll hang my new paintings up there, which will make me finish the organization of the shelf of the desk.

There's also a huge piece of negative real estate over the cat shrine. I don't know if I'm going to do it tonight, but I'm going to fill it in with an artistic display of anything on the shrine that can be hung on a wall. It's crowded up there. The final blank space will be home to two of my old paintings will go up there. "Suns of Koralee", which I posted last week, and "The Shores", the one that Doc fucked up. I think I've figured out how to fix it. So I'm going to do that and then take a high res picture for printing at Fine Art America, and then hang it in here where it is not at the whim of Doc slamming doors. We are both prolific door slammers.

Then I'll just need the big black monitor moved out to the studio (I'm making a cat hideout out of it), and the white book shelf traded for the ultra modern black one we got last summer, that will match the half shelf we have on the same wall, and the living room will finally be done. Then on to the dining room. My goal is to get the table cleaned off, and to get the hutch we put together loaded up with the mid-century bar glass collection we inherited from the lady across the street. There is more than I showed you that I want to put on display. And the glass will look nice in the hutch with the mirror and such. The mud room/laundry room/pantry needs a baking rack cleared off, so we can put some dishware in there. And more food/drink. I eat much more regularly now that we have a pantry. I don't think that Doc is quite ready for this much inspiration. I will do as much as I can by myself.

It's all a run up to xmas. It's going to be gorgeous. Food and drink and comfort and music and joy. If I can get this streaming thing going on, there will be making decorations and gifts how-tos, and maybe a tree trimming party full of cookie recipes I will share and egg nog with no pumpkin spice in. I'm really looking forward to the next few months. Yes, siree!

Sorry the Stick Thing didn't work out, yet again. I WILL get this all together and come back at you all, ASAP. It just gives me some time to hype it up. How do you get millenials excited about the painting of a dead stripped marijuana plant by a chick with schizophrenia in the name of art? This stuff just seems to write itself, but it really doesn't. When you have a mental illness and other people promote you, you are brave. When you have a mental illness and you promote yourself, you are crazy and likely lying. Yes, both. I finally figured out what got me ousted from mental health twitter, it was when I was asking about ECT, and confused "unilateral" with "bilateral", which I still do. They kind of dismissed me, and have had an embargo against me ever since. I looked back in my mentions to find the "Shame on you, Cydniey for making light . . ." tweet I got from one of the advocacy groups, but it must have been deleted. I have a super power, I'm a pariah everywhere. If I started a Twitter account in Fabulous Disaster's or ZenWeb Media's name, and used them to promote myself in third person, I'd be a hit.

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