Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

I have no warning system.

Okay, I've got some failure issues to work through tonight. Man, I thought I had all my bases covered and all I had to do was press a couple of buttons. We did a run through this afternoon and everything ran fine. The right accounts were aligned, everything was checked, and rechecked. Then the time comes tonight, I am nervous, I lay out the paints and brushes, fill my cup with water, turn on the music, and go to click a couple of buttons. Suddenly, Google has decided that my youtube account is not verified. I go, I check. All three youtube accounts are verified (you know, just in case the wrong youtube account is hooked up, after all my time and care). Two are not set up to be monetized, so I do that (you know, just in case that is Google's hangup). Still nothing.

I say fuck Google, and go straight to youtube to stream directly from there. The directions upon downloading the encoder make my head hurt, they are using terms I have never encountered before. So I do several searches. Each one muddies the waters more. At this point, it is 9:30, an hour and a half after the scheduled beginning of the event. And I am over-heated in spite of the 75 degree breeze blowing over me from out back, and ready to tear my hair out.

And, at this point, it is too late. People are going to bed on the East Coast. Jesus knows what time it is in the UK. And I have dishes to do and a house to clean, because I didn't do it last night since I was working on this and fucking about with Doc.


At least I know that Scout, the new laptop can stream smoothly. At least I learned that today. So it wasn't a complete waste. And at some point, I feel confident that Google+ and Youtube will sync up their databases and this problem will go away. It's not an unheard of problem. And like every other issue with the merging of these two megoliths, there are at least a dozen ways to feel like you're fixing it without doing anything more than clicking links that take you in a circle or drop you off at a dead end Google+ page.

And I know that the soundtrack I put together is FABUlous. I'll let out a spoiler, it is about 2 hours of instrumental punk and early 90's grunge. There is one song with vocals, but it's about hating a girl with a sunburn, so I kept it. I think for a while it will be my play list. It's nice not to have the baggage of a songwriter going through your head as you're trying to do something. Just the music. This may replace my Mozart obsession. Well, not the harpsichord recordings, but the full orchestral stuff. Google it, Free Play Music. Search, or browse, put what you like in the cart, register to use it under the youtube free liscense and download it. As long as you're just listening to it on the bus or in the car or at home, it's free. All of the stuff I have run into is instrumental, though I know they have a lot of music with vocals as well. It's a great selection of things you have never heard before in every genre. It's what I use exclusively for my videos with music, and will continue to use until I get a cadre of musicians under my long, black wings.

Okay, I've smoked, rehydrated, and can put it off no longer, it is time to clean the house so I can get to bed at a decent hour. I was up until 4 last night and then up at 7 today. The Latuda seems to think I don't need sleep. The Seroquel disagrees. I let them fight it out. I try to take the Latuda earlier in the day so they don't fight so loud. I have a week and a half to decide if it is worth it having it. Am I $150/month better? And I wonder what Dr. B. is going to come up with to replace the Cymbalta. If this Latuda keeps working, I might not even need the Cymbalta. I had those two rough hormonal days, that are normal, had them since puberty, I either get sick or grumpy once a month. Other than that, I really haven't been depressed. I've been damn angry and pissed and exasperated, but not depressed. So that's something.

Who the absolute fuck wears cowboy boots to a Survivor Island? What in the entire hell is this country coming to? I say we vote the cowboy Survivor guy as president, how could it be any worse that what we are faced with? I have to stop looking up at the TV when the volume is off, I have no warning system.

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