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Cydniey Buffers

The "Stick Thing" is Happening!

No, not right now, it's the middle of the damn night. I do want some viewers/listeners. It will happen in a couple (at least) parts. Barring any technical glitches during the dry run tomorrow Part 1 will happen some time tomorrow night. I'll give as much notice as I can. If I have synced up the right accounts, you will be able to see it on my Google+ page, as well as on my Youtube channel. I will provide both links, once I figure out what they are. The video will disappear shortly after broadcast and be edited down and given a solid soundtrack of something or other, I've not decided yet, as I haven't seen the footage. Then it will reappear in a Patreon patron post for posterity. This is the future, kids. I'm walking into it, eyes wide open. You can thank MWS for this. Here, Cyd, fuck shit up with this.

I put together a really cool soundtrack for the event. It's all royalty free, so long as the video lives on Youtube.

It didn't happen tonight because Doc stayed home. That is also why I didn't get the dry run done. He's been asleep on the couch. He did a few more hours of yardwork today than he should have, and then it got all stormy and the Big Ass Truck wouldn't drop its attitude, and he couldn't ride the bike in the gusty wind and sand, so, home he stayed. I adapted. Did Photoshop research all night and watched Archer for three hours or something. Recently I approached Doc about a 12 hour online course in Photoshop. He no-no-ed it. He was willing to pay for me to attend the classes here on coding, but not an online course on Photoshop, when he was pretty positive I could find any knowledge I was lacking online myself. He was right. I have yet to ask a question of Google about this program that it can not answer with a plethora of links giving a variety of answers, so I learn which technique is right for me, not the right technique for the prof. (cue memories of math teachers chanting, "Show your work").

I took some down time and used it to clear out the dumping ground on Blue Max. Before I wiped this machine a few weeks ago (Bollux, the Win7), I grabbed everything I could think of from the C drive and dumped it in a folder on Blue Max. Hundreds of image files, music files, videos, documents, everything, software, name it, it was in there, festering. So I went through that folder tonight and put everything where it belongs. So now I can load up the external drive I'm giving Kelli, and finally send it to her. I had been sending her files a few DVDs or thumb drives at a time. She would empty the thumb drives and send them back to me for refilling. She won't use her computer to compute, so I'm trying to help her get her money's worth of it by turning it into an entertainment machine. Thanks to my Tech Patron, I can make a gift of an external hard drive with my entire music and video/movie collection on it. Oh, and my PDF ebook collection. She'll get good use of that.

I'm really excited about tomorrow and the "Stick Thing". I can't even tell you. It makes me feel like all of the put-offs have been for a reason, and it was for me to find this medium to start using. Please please please let my laptop be up to it. The video will probably be choppy, but I'll just be painting patterns on a stick, so fluidity isn't of the utmost importance. Once he is painted, Stick will be strung with an incredibly long garland of multi-colored glass seed beads with mirrored holes (for extra glitteryness), and then decorated with a variety of bright-shiny things. I have all manner of jars and coffee cans in my studio full of odds and ends of projects that left over the brightest and the shiniest of left overs. Now I have a project to use a lot of that up, which is cool, because Stick will not only be his own, original piece, but to me, and some who are most familiar with my art, it will be a gentle reminder of pieces past. I like when my art has secret meanings. It adds value to me. It also pretty much guarantees that I will never sell any of my art, because the prices I select reflect what the piece is worth to me, not its market value in the Art Brut scene. But so far, that hasn't stopped me making it.

Ack! Something I forgot to add to this week's to-do list: listen to that guy's music!. I need something bass heavy for the piece I just wrote about the meth and the breakdown. I also plan to go over it at least once when I am really stoned, most likely early in the morning. I keep coming up with things to add, and then not adding them and losing them to sobriety. The one really bad thing about medical weed that I can't reconcile. Losing stuff in my head. But it's not all the weed. The meds shoot holes in my memory like tin cans out back. But I think I mentioned that the great thing about a purely confessional piece is that it is endlessly editable, and even allows for improv when being read out loud. There are no metaphors to worm your new word's way into. You just add the line. And maybe another for measure. So, listen to guy's music and see if he has a bass piece that would fit, then see if he will let me use it. I think he's interested in my using his music, he's been keeping in touch with me in a friendly way, not a pushy, marketing way, he's quite charming, which doesn't hurt, if I am thinking of working with him. So here's hoping.

Another composer started following me, but he's a bigwig. Award winning, composes for games, movies, media. Several hundred thousand followers, following several hundred thousand. I couldn't even approach him. Not after my summer of folly. After reading "The Art of Asking", you may remember, I took many chances and asked many questions of many people of varying "importance" in the world. And no one answered me. It was an utter failure. It wasn't until MWS got back in touch with me on facespace that I finally felt that I wasn't completely alone doing it myself. He's been working harder, longer, and he knows the struggle. He lives the struggle of a self-promoting writer. He is the only person that I know in real life who has helped me with my art/writing/photography. He's always available to look at a photo, or listen to a mix, or read a thing. And he is never afraid to be completely honest with me. It's why I hated him for a few years there in my 20's. Now it is what I most treasure about knowing him.

Cute Chewbacca story: There is a small tear in the futon cover where I sit, so I have laid a folded towel down to sit on so I don't make it worse; Doc does not like the texture of his couch on his skin, so he has a beach towel spread out on it (and it kills me because it is a REALLY nice couch) and Chewy likes to be on the towels, too. After both of us fighting with Chewy over taking our seats on our towels, I finally went and got a small towel out of the linen closet and spread it at the end of my couch/futon and told him that was his towel. An hour later, he is curled up on it, with the edges gathered in toward him, like the cats do when they sleep on my drop cloth. So cute! When he isn't building pillow forts, he is curling up and cuddling towels. Oh, he also punked Felix tonight. Felix was laying on my foot outside and Chewy went over and got a big deep drink of water. He then came over to nuzzle Felix, who is one of his kitties. Felix nuzzled him back at first but quickly realized that Chewy wasn't being friendly, he was drying his wet whiskers on Felix's neck. I think getting Chewbacca the "Focus" brain food may have been a bad idea. He's getting too smart for his own good.

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