Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Put the title where? Here? Or over there? Oh, I see, right here.

That's it. No more half-assing it. What started as a webcam, 15 second delay snapshot show of my painting Stick, it is turning into a Happening. I will be streaming live, if hesitantly from Google Hangouts Air. I will have my microphone on, and I have a 50 song play list of free-for-youtube (with whom this is in conjunction) songs, that I have just waded through 1,200 to hand pick to play in the background.

I am moving in to 2015. Very reluctantly. I have been clinging to my old things and ideas and such so tightly, I nearly missed what I was missing. And something happened in me because Facebook is a whole new experience for me now, with people caring and responding to me, even though I post just as much political bullshit as I ever did. It's nice. And it is my friends on there who have been leading me with sugary treats and shiny things to step into the now, technologically.

So, I'm going to do this Google Hangout thing, and if it works out, I may add invite only hangouts to my Patreon list of goodies for the high dollar subscribers. Not so much as an incentive to get people to pay more, as a way of me offering it, yet avoiding it. Face to face contact, scary.

I get paid this week. I'm hoping I have $20 to add to my Patreon money from last month and this month. It would let me put an order in on and get a couple of supplies I need that either doesn't have, or is too expensive with.

I warned Doc that the run up to Christmas this year was starting in October. I have pine cones to bake (to kill the bugs living inside of them) and paint the tips of, for a festive and unusual Christmas display. That will go in the security vestibule outside. We have an abundance of Nutella, so I'm making Nutella Hot Chocolate this year. And Doc has promised not to get me egg nog with pumpkin spice this year. I drank none of it. Wouldn't even taste it. It was orange. Hate pumpkin spice, unless I am eating a pumpkin something. Pie, muffin, cake, cookie. I'm setting up both trees this year, so it will take some logistics.

Then there's the candy and cookies I want to make. And the gifts for the few friends we have. Music related gifts, home decor related gifts. I have some cool things in the works, thanks to Pinterest, who always takes my creative ideas just one step further and then shows it to me, and lets me run down the field with it. I have some Pinterest Wins to post. A few things I have seen and done well, or done better than the original post.

Ugh, I just realized, that is another social media account I need to update. I need to update all of the boards that are "me" related. And there are quite a few. I have to add captions and links to almost all of the pictures I've pinned of my own stuff. Scribble that in the Giant Notebook of Salvation. I think I'm going to have Doc pick me up some gold foil stars to start putting where I have finished a task. The purple check marks aren't doing it for me anymore.

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