Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Wherein I Tap Out For the Night.

I have spent the last 12 hours arguing with operating systems, web cams, web cam software, FTP software, Google plus, Google Plus Hangouts, and Youtube. I am no closer to getting on the air than I was 12 hours ago. I have learned at least 37 ways I can't do what I want. At this point, I am closing in on the way that I can do what I want.

Ever since doing an 8 month stint for Aetna right after the US Healthcare merger 18 years ago, my biggest pet peeve is people who try to mash together programs that are written on different backbones, different architecture and make them seamless. Every time I try to do something on youtube to solve my problem, I am redirected back to a dead end at google support. Every time I try to do something at google plus, it tells me I am about to irreparably destroy everything I have built there. I somehow have two extra pages on youtube, tied to my google plus account. Those two are empty, dead, of no use to me. I've been trying to delete them. Google plus tells me I must delete them at youtube, and when I click on delete at youtube, you guessed it, back to the dead end at google plus. And one of the dead youtube accounts claims to be the default google plus account, so I can't delete it without losing the pages I use. I sign out, delete cookies, and sign back in with the non-google email that belongs to the account that I want to rule them all, but it defaults back to the dead account and puts me back in there. Google help and support is not helpful. I've spent an hour just filling out their help files feedback forms, pointing out the obvious questions they fail to answer under every answer heading.

This is something that will be a piece of cake to set up and run in the future, once I am through the forest of bugs. I wanted to get it all done tonight, but Doc and I have farming to do, that HAS to be done tomorrow, so I need to go to bed so I can get up at 5 and clean the house before he gets home, because I neglected to do it tonight. Time completely got away from me. I didn't even eat and take my meds. And it is too late now. So I've taken my night meds, and I'm hoping it evens out. I'll take my day med a bit early tomorrow so as not to have a wide gap between dosing.

Another big Thank You goes out to MWS, who started me on this odesy. It finally broke me out of the damning circuitous trail I was on with the cam software. I really am tired of fighting with that after all these years. I really would like to step into 2015 with something new. Something streaming. Something with sound. Something with animation and life. It will be an interesting transition.

So, Doc is getting his scooter back soon, and he is thinking of selling it. It was to go to me, but circumstances being what they are . . . the city and police and drivers of cars have declared war on scooters. They were initially being sold, without titles or registration of any kind, to people who had suspended driver's licenses because of DUI which, as you can imagine, is a huge problem in this town. They were told they could drive as fast as they wanted, didn't need a helmet, didn't need insurance, didn't need training. Yeah. You may remember a few years ago the $2500 in tickets Doc got on his scooter for going 5 miles over the speed limit with no title, registration, motorcycle license, or insurance. When the judge called him to the bench, she looked over his case, then looked over her glasses and said to him, very plainly, "I hate scooters," and proceeded to throw the book at him.

Over the next three months, he took a motorcycle qualifying course and got his license, strong-armed a title out of the dealer who sold him the scooter, got it registered and got comprehensive insurance on it. The judge, still hating scooters, was none the less impressed with him and dropped all but $150 of the fines, and that was for the 5 mph over the speed limit.

I can't drive a car. So, putting me on a scooter that I have to balance on, when I can't walk down the hall without bouncing off the walls like it's some kind of fucking mosh pit. Plus, I am WAY to afraid. Meanwhile, cyclists have been getting a better and better rap. The streets they are redoing downtown are all being made bike friendly. The same thing out here in the suburbs. So it is actually safer for him on the mountain bike than on the scooter.

He's in squirrel mode, socking away money. Constantly telling me we're broke, like I believe him. I can do basic math. I'm happy to let him save for a car. The driveway is missing another car. We still have room for one more.

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