Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Strange Day

Wow, what a weird day. Doc had to be at work by 3pm. We went to bed at 5 this morning. We got up at 11:30 and groggied at each other until I figured out we had a full pot of coffee made. The we started to get our shit together. Then he left. So he ended up getting the overtime, after all. I love his supervisor. He get's off at midnight and doesn't have to be back at work until his regular shift, tomorrow night at 9pm. So he gets some of an extra day off, kind of, sort of, maybe.

Where is the damn "Map Network Drive" button on this thing? I've located most of what I need/want to use on Scout 8.1, but this still evades me. I can get to the drives I want on Bollux, I just can't make a semi-permanent connection. It's doing it all behind my back.

I got Place all sorted out. Reading the posts in the "inner circle", I don't have a lot of hope for the future of it. But I'll try it out for a while. Just another place to figure out a new thing to post. Just another place for people to follow me around the web. If I can keep it together, I can keep up with all of these social media accounts and keep different, compelling stuff going on all of them, to a degree. I also need to start posting in Circus Catimus accounts again. They have their own Twitter, FaceBook, and Youtube accounts.

I have so many videos to make. Tomorrow I install the audio software on Bollux. He is what I'm going to be editing and creating the videos and graphics on, so it's best to have the audio software on it, as well. And it keeps with my not messing with installing stuff on Scout until she is updated to Win10.

I like how the Classic Shell programmers added in Win7/XP/Vista compatibility into the software. My one external hard drive that is USB2, so it has to be on the 7 or 8.1 machine, has absolutely no problem with the 8.1. Whereas the 7 rejects it. I've tried putting 7 in WindowsXP mode, but it only works for software, not device drivers. So, I know that Microsoft CAN do it, they just choose to make everything a pain in the ass for us. And that is when we are paying out the nose for it. What the fuck is 10 going to bring? It's mostly free.

I wonder if I will have the energy to do the scant dishes and light vacuuming tonight before Doc gets home. I am wiped out. One thing that my trip to Urgent Care earlier in the summer taught me, is that the Seroquel caused constipation is a real problem. My colon is filling and filling and pushing my other organs out of place, way out of place. I've been taking Colace, which I finally read tonight from several different sources, is wholly incapable of solving the problem. Bulk fiber products like Metamucil actually make the problem worse. Stimulant laxatives are really the only solution. That is not what I wanted to hear. Taking the sweet little pink pills and waiting 12 hours for the crippling cramps and then the mandatory, soul crushing trips to the bathroom is not how I wanted to spend three or four days a week. But it seems like that is my option. Ah, the side effects of our pharmaceutical world.

There are prescription things available, but they are even more harsh, and I'm just not willing to go that far.

I saw on a commercial today, someone had invented and is now marketing a crazy, square tampon that is meant to be meant near the opening of the vagina in order to pinch off the urethra to stop bladder leaks. I suppose there are women who wouldn't mind wearing a tampon that felt like it was about to come out every day of their lives, but I've never met any of them. Frankly, I'd rather just leak a bit when I sneeze.

I was talking about cleaning the house, wasn't I? Yeah, I have some tasks to do. Doc has been really conscientious about things lately. He's weird, when you point out he's being annoying or dickish, he will usually say he didn't mean to come off that way, and he means it. Like keeping stuff out of the left sink. Sure, I laid down the law about it when we moved in, but over the years, he has been gradually been leaving things in the left sink and I haven't been saying anything about it (I've been my mother, stewing about it), when I said something about it the other day, he seemed surprised. And there hasn't been a dish in the left side of the sink since. He really tries to improve himself when told of things he does that he doesn't realize. He puts me to shame. He is so much the better person that I am.

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