Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Happy holiday Sunday morning!

Unless you are in another country, in which case, happy Sunday/Monday whatever time it is.

Microsoft is playing with me. They know they have me sucked in, now. I have two laptops legally registered to them, so they think I'm their bitch. They sent me the Windows 10 update . . . to Bollux, my Windows 7 machine, that we have not once considered upgrading. We are quite happy with Win7, thank you kindly. Once Scout is upgraded, if we find that 10 is not completely evil and actually helps the system run more efficiently, maybe, and that's a big maybe, we will toy with the idea of giving up 7 for 10. But 10 is going to have to have many super powers for that to happen.

I've been reading propaganda and critique of Windows 10. And I can say one thing for certainty, at this point, no one has an objective point of view regarding Microsoft/Windows OS, at all. And you will make yourself yearn for an analog life trying to find one, just one. Many claim to be objective, but Microsoft has been a huge part of our lives and lexicon for about 3/4 of a generation now. It has pervaded everything, literature, slang, cinema, television, music, your appliances (with the screaming new Internet of Things that 10 promises to bring us). It is no longer possible to look at it without some bias from some part of your growing up surrounded by it. It just isn't possible. And if it is, I don't want to meet that person, because the isolation they must suffer from is terrifying to me.

My conclusion is that I have to dive into it and roll around in it, and with the help of some friends from both sides of the fence, get to know Windows 10 on my own and form my own opinion based on my specific needs.

Right now, my specific need is that when Doc plays Adobe Flash games on this new machine (with the same specs as the older laptop), things are buggy, jumpy, nothing is smooth. This includes certain war games on and Pot Farm on facebook. This is a roadblock. I need the other lap top for work right now, but he can't play on this one. So, we're at a standoff. The caution tape divides the living room as I search for a solution. I tried to get newer graphics and video drivers, we have the newest ones. This model of laptop is no longer supported, I have to use a similar S/N to get into support and look around on the ASUS site. I anticipated that, so it was the first thing I did. The machine is refurbishes, after all.

I need one of these machines to record audio and video (at a lower quality) without the hops and skips in the video. Anyone know what I would tweak? Intel Graphics. That's all I know.

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