Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

And now it's 4am.

I texted Doc, and he replied he got cut loose early and was starting his commute home. I'm watching traffic to see if there are any impediments to him getting home.

Let me just take a moment to say that whatever font they used on the ASUS keyboard on this laptop, they picked a winner. I'm so tired of seeing the same old font on the keyboard. This is refreshing. I barely even notice that the keys are just a bit smaller than the other machine. And the finish is really nice. It's like brushed steel, but black and plastic. Very sleek.

When I finally got done cleaning, and it was 3:30am, I had the shakes pretty bad. I had a yogurt and a cup of mandarin oranges, and I feel my super powers have returned with a steady hand. I also took a Xanax. I figured out a way I can get a milligram every 6 hours and stay within my alloted dose. So that's working out.

I STILL don't have Photoshop installed. Bollux is catching up with 202 Windows updates. So he is out of the fight for now.

I vacuumed (with the super suction hose, 400 piles of cat shit behind my printer table. It is wedged in between the antique buffet/side board that we use as an entertainment center and the computer desk around the interior corner. So there is a space, apparently the size of a comfy litter box behind it. I had put a cushy pillow back there for them to lay on while they hid. I noticed a bad smell while working at the desk yesterday, and peeked back there and found the pillow soaked with pee and the aforementioned 400 piles of poop. I got the lot cleaned up, threw the pillow away, and saturated the area with Nature's miracle.

It smells worlds better over at the desk. I have an old desktop case to get to the garage, and a big monitor that died long ago. I'm going to dismantle it and make a cat bed out of it. And likely put it in the clandestine poop corner. To the garage until I can get to them. There is not enough time in the day! Then I have to organize my diaries so they stop collapsing while I get them scanned. Then hook up Doc's new hard drive, he can load it himself, I can't deal with any more status bars.

So, the desk is clean, dusted, and organized. The battery of the Collar Cam is recharged and I just need to empty the micro SD card and replace the text file with my phone number, which is the default screen on the wee cam.

I think the external CD burner I found today is for Windows XP, which is good, because the onboard optical drive on Bollux is all bolluxed up. It sounds like one of the tourist planes taking off to return the hungover broke people to midwestern suburbia. I also found a DVD/CD burner for the more sophisticated machines.The rest of the clusterfuck of hardware was all gifted to me by Patrons of my art. So I have plenty of hardware for burning my own EP. Rather expensive detail, taken care of. The new challenge is finding ink for my various printers. My newest is stocked, I was also gifted plenty of cartridges.

Oh! And the stuff I want to make! There is not enough time in the day.

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