Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

It's going to be an all-nighter.

Laptop came. Had a couple hours of panic after my first encounter with the thing (Windows 8.666) left me hopelessly lost. Finally, my IT Specialists (Saviors, really, in the religion of Tech) were online and talked me down from the ledge of the Windows. I am coming to you live from the new laptop. Scout, she's called. The drone is called Rose. And the middle laptop, now, is called Bollux, as you know. Everyone who can be networked, is networked, so I don't have to keep switching over USB thumb drives and external hard drives.

Jaysus! Everyone wants me to save shit to the cloud! Asus is hassling me with 5gigs of space. Windows almost insisted upon it saving every document and photo and video I saved to their cloud drive. Leave me alone. I don't want to share! I have sketchy things going on and I don't want big brother (Second cousin once removed is okay) tromping through my computer like Brainy Smurf in my kitchen.

So, my life, in 7 days on this med, has turned around completely. And I've had PMS this week. Wow. This shit is amazing. Is it $150 a month amazing? That brings my monthly meds up to $250 per month. Full disclosure: I get $780 per month. My rent is $550, this would bring my meds, as I mentioned, to $250. That's $800. I make around $10 a month from Patreon, after their share, and then I have to pay taxes on it at the end of the year. That $10 goes right to Warped to keep my websites up. That is my 3rd priority (the first two being rent and meds). And that doesn't leave any room for Doctor's appointments, food, toiletries, bills. Which will make me more dependent upon Doc. He has the money to cover it. He makes good money. I just don't.

So, expect a sort of, but not quite really, marketing and promotional push. I intend to update all of the places where I have hand designed products, update even the most outdated of social media sites, perk up the most active social media sites, and hopefully design a new website to handle more traffic more efficiently and show off more of my work, as well as set up special places for Patreon Patrons. I'm serious now. I know plenty of people I look up to didn't even hit their stride until they hit 50. That gives me four years to get my shit together and figure out where I am going with all of this. Movie? Play? Books? TV Series? (Dare I say It?) Rock Opera? Where do I want to be when I hit 50, besides in the middle of adoring intelligent people talking about clever things, with a mouth full of beautiful white teeth. That's where I want to be when I'm 50.

Where I want to be at dawn, is finishing up my Photoshop work, having long finished the script tweaks I have scribbled in this notebook with purple ink. I have some Pinterest Wins to post, and a special HDR picture that needs a lot of help, but I think I can make something really nice out of it. I also have a picture of the clusterfuck of computer hardware that is sitting at my feet that must be seen to be believed. Three external HDs, two external CD/DVD writers, a printer awaiting ink (on my amazon wishlist), a microphone and pop filter, a chock full USB hub . . . I think that's it for that pile. I have two other printers. One is a photo-only printer. The paper comes in a cartridge with enough ink to print just that much paper. I have to research that. The other is an ink jet, that is in really good condition, just needs ink. I have transparency film I love to print digital art on and then mount in glass frames, but the film only works with ink jet printers, and it is the only ink jet I have, so I cling to it.

I also wanted to clean out that horrible corner in the kitchen. I cleaned the one side of the counter today, it's time to take on the other side. And best to do it when Doc is not home, as he seems to suffer some horrible guilt that makes him snappy and mean when I do it when he is here. That will be my stretching exercise. For when I just can't possibly sit here and install another program. I will vacuum and finish the kitchen. Oh, and hang my laundry, that's right, I did that. The washing machine kept scaring the hell out of me. I am still not used to it. After the first week of washing everything we had, we haven't used it much. Well, he hasn't. I have tons of things that need to be washed, I'm just doing them slowly. No rush, the hamper doesn't take up much room in my bedroom. I have some sheets and blankets of summer weight, and a shirt I really need to sew before I wash and the tear frays. It was my favorite sleeveless flannel until the evil handles in the kitchen grabbed it and tore it asunder. Well, pretty much asunder. And I also wanted to dust. It's very dusty in here.

1:15am, Windows 7 on Bollux is installing 202 updates. I'm just going to wipe this machine, Scout, when I get the Windows 10 update, so I see no real point in jumping through the hoops of getting stuff installed and registered properly here. I could sweep the driveway, and even lay the rug out for my studio and wash it off with the hose as a kind of hint that I want to put the studio back together again. I found some gorgeous ideas on Pinterest and I am really interested in having a workable workspace again and access to all of my materials. I found a receipt today, apparently in 2013, I ordered $50 worth of jewelry supplies (which is a HUGE sum for me, as I only get my supplies on clearance from a really inexpensive and quality wholesaler). I've located them, but haven't gone through them. I have two whole storage shelves in the garage full of beading/jewelry making materials. Time has come to take them out and play. With fall coming, it will be perfect studio weather.

I want to get furniture moved around this weekend. Especially the $300 bookshelf (that we did not pay THAT for) in the garage, piling up with tools, that needs to be brought inside so I can unpack my books finally and have a decent shelf wall in here. Then there is the dresser in the hallway that keeps attacking me. I have layers of bruises on my arm, all in the same spot. Always in the same damn spot. I don't mind the dresser in the kitchen, but I reason if we put it in the spare room, the cats will have less carpet to pee on. We need to get a Rug Doctor for that room. And they have a big litter box in there that gets scooped every two days. Assholes. At least they aren't peeing on my books.

Holy shit, 1200 words. About nothing, really. Everything is fucking great. I want to finally do everything I have been blowing off for YEARS. I feel creativity bursting out of me, but right after I do this thing. And that thing. And just let me dust a little.

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