Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Oh for frell's sake.

Points if you know that reference. One day those points are going to mean something. So pay attention. Keep your nerd hat on and your Googling fingers at the ready.

It took the drone 45 minutes to scan/resize/save as PSD "Ne'er the Twain Shall Meet." But it did it. I had to do some manipulation of scratch disks and reserve memory or something before doing it, but I was able to do it. I also took a hi-res picture outside, in mid-day natural light of an older painting titled, "The Suns of Koralee." I'm going to offer both on Fine Art America, which is a site that MWS turned me on to. The originals are too loved by me to be let go of for less than $500 and $1000, respectively. So the print-on-demand feature at FAA will allow people to choose the size, and material of the print they want, for a base price of around $50. The site then lets the consumer add matting, frame, all manner of options. For a price. That I make a piddling amount from. Mostly it makes the art that I can't see myself parting with available.

I KNOW, THERE IS NO ONE TO BUY IT. I am not buying into my own hype. I'm just practicing. I have to bring my A-game to this web thing. I can't do it in person. The law has been laid down: I am not to go Downtown on my own, even if I did figure out the buses.

YOU KNOW WHAT INFURIATES ME? A girl gets a tattoo that says one thing at one angle and another at the opposite angle. It's about depression. She got the idea from Pinterest. She took a picture and "came out" as having depression. SHE FUCKING WENT VIRAL. I write a heart rending description of a psychotic episode and the solution to it, and I get a couple of, admittedly, really fucking great comments on it, but the bitch doesn't go viral. It's me, isn't it? You can tell me. This has been going on for almost 18 years, someone can tell me. Midnight compliments from editors who won't hire me aren't getting through to me. Apparently.

UPS had my laptop. It had my laptop up the road at the hub. It had my laptop within throwing distance from Doc for the last three hours of Doc's shift this morning. But it turned the laptop over to the USPS (some sort of tag team shipping deal that is free for the customer and is supposed to take a long time, 4 days, no big whoop), who, it would seem, left it on a truck, or in a bin. I plug in the tracking number, the website spits at me. I just cleaned this screen really well, so I don't spit back.

I haven't decided what to install on this yet, and since the new machine (I don't have a name picked out!) will be here tomorrow, I'm not in any real rush to clog up this machine quite yet. I have a grand plan of upgrading the RAM. Christopher clued me into the trap door that leads to the RAM and hard drive. So I'll upgrade both machines as soon as I can.

I found another dozen partially filled journals and diaries today to scan in. I'm letting the drone sleep for the night and relax. I got my MP3 player sorted and reloaded. I got the battery charged on the collar cam. I figured out the USB issue on Bollux was the printer. I have no idea what that is about. I just unplugged it. I'll reinstall the drivers.

20 minutes to Mr. Robot! The current internet outage is serving to keep me from spoilers. Good, bad cable company, good.

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