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Maybe more later

My new laptop shipped from SoCal this afternoon. I have the UPS tracking number in my hot little hands. Now the wait starts. 5-7 days to get here from 4 hours away.

Oh My Fucking God. I am about to put Doc's cat, Teeny, outside for the night. But, no, I can't. She's, well, teeny. She's not allowed out at night. But she is absolutely terrorizing Felix. I know I've mentioned the two before. She goes after him because he won't fight her, but will make a lot of scary noises at her, which she seems to love. He won't defend himself against her because she is so much smaller than he is, and he knows she is Doc's cat. This has made him like Doc even less. And it has made him spend less time at home. Felix is the only living cat from the apartment days. He is very special to me, and I am hurt that he feels unsafe here. I am terrified he is going to run away because of it.

I'm trying to establish, "Stay with mommy, and you'll be safe," but that tiny cat keeps sneaking up the back of the couch and descending from the fricking ceiling or some shit, she always just appears. Now she's in the same cubby as Major in the cat tree, beating him up. Major is easily 3x her weight, and she beats the shit out of him. He lets her, even fights back. But Major is special, remember. Felix is a die-hard hunter, Major is a cuddle butt. They approach play time with Teeny differently.

So . . . Lady Gaga wrote a song about her experience with rape. It is called, "Till It Happens to You." A snippet of it was used in the final credits of a movie called,"Hunting Ground," about a rape at, I think, a music festival. Last week, the entire song was released on iTunes, and on the web in general. I heard it, I cried with it, I tweeted Gaga my thanks and love for it. I went to find it today, and it was gone. I looked on youtube. The Vevo link to it led to a nice picture of Gaga, with some awful candy pop song that I don't even, am scared to, in fact, believe is her song (and if it is, I actually pray it is not indicative of her upcoming album). Other links were completely muted. I found one that actually had the song with the words, and it had been horribly pitched and was painful to listen to. The music itself was untouched, but the vocals had been mangled.

Then I found hints that it had been "leaked" and "pulled" as a PR thing for her 5th album. This would really bum me out because it is such a personal song, and it touches so deep (check out some of the full-throated covers on youtube, there's no shortage of talented people who have been affected by this song), and using it for PR would just completely cheapen it and make it disposable. And I really thought Gaga was past that point. I expect such nonsense from the Cyrus girl, but not from Mother Monster. Gypsy was a very personal song to her, she stated that from the first performance through the end of the tour, and made each performance of that special and meaningful. If she's going to just put her deepest feelings down to dangle in front of us and then pull away so we have to have more and buy her new album, that just sucks.

But if you are a survivor, go to youtube and check some of the covers out. Bring tissue. There's a share of tweeners vapidly staring into the camera, strumming guitars with dead eyes and no emotion behind the vocals, but there are more people in pain, finally giving voice to it with the amazingly simple words that Gaga presented to us. There are no metaphors, no slick word play. It's just laid out. "What the hell do you know? Till it happens to you?"

Doc has reluctantly agreed to be my photographer tomorrow morning, provided there is no/light wind. That means I have to shower tonight and wash my hair. This will be my only photo session with this obnoxious ombre hair. I'm going back to blonde this weekend, I think. And then, possibly, to Tardis blue.

Okay, I'm dumb, and Doc doesn't have the patience, so someone, can you explain to me why, with the same router and modem, when I am plugged in with my ethernet cable, I have to reset the modem 500 times a day to get any internet service, but when I am using the wifi option of the router, with the same modem, I have connectivity all day with no issues? I know I should know this, but I don't right now.

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