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Okay, so it's not ALL me.

Doc is kind of being a little bit of a butt head. He has made avoidance and procrastination into a fine art that I generally gladly emulate. But when he got home today, on his table was a billing statement from our property management company, our landlords. I don't know why, but each month that they bill us for "trash", they send us a complete accounting for the last three or four years that we have been here. It's weird. What I didn't know is that Doc ignored it. So he didn't see that they left out the number of days after the 1st that we get before the rent is considered late. Our lease says the 5th. We usually pay on the 3rd. But he rather loudly pointed out that if he had to pay it tomorrow, he wouldn't have it because I spent my rent money on a new laptop.d

Excuse the fuck out of me, bro. Think! Read your financial paperwork. He doesn't talk to me about money except when we have none and then he just tells me it's going to be tight for a while and I don't ask for anything until he says otherwise. So I had no idea he hadn't seen it. Or I would have made him read it during the hour we went down the laptop wormhole. I could have waited a couple of days to get the laptop. A better deal may have come along, I don't know. He just had to communicate. We're no good at that.

I had a pinterest win today. You know how you see the clickbait sites with the pinterest fails? Groot cupcakes that turned out terrifying, and cookies that defy the laws of physics. We I had a win. I saw a pen holder that was a box, with toilet paper tubes in it and then it was used as a pen holder. Since the tubes were stuffed in, the pens stood up in a large space, for maximum pen display. I took the idea, the empty tubes I had hoarded, a petmeds box, old wrapping paper, tape, and made it, but with improvements. I wrapped the decorative paper inside and outside the box, and wrapped the 9 tubes I ended up with together in a 3x3 grid. It took about 2/3 of the box. The other third was just wide enough for standard generic post-it notes, of which I have a ton in two sizes, so I put a bunch of packs in the box with the tubes to take up the rest of the room. Then came the fun of opening up all of my new pens. Rainbows of highlighters, fine point sharpies, medium point sharpies, medium point dry erase, fine point ink joys by papermate. So many colors!!! (I will take a picture of it this week, right now I'm getting Teeny used to the camera by keeping it on its tripod, hovering over her favorite sleeping place, she has a very adversarial relationship with the camera, but is the most expressive of the lot of them.)

And I found out that Crayola, bless their little marketing hearts, have made a big box of 64 colored pencils (short, so they fit in a box like the 64 big pack of crayons) in all manner of colors. They are the preferred implement to use with the new coloring book trend. Of course I want a coloring book and box of pencils. And I can make highlights and lowlights with my pens!

Today I had my first experience with the inability to sit still. I didn't even take a nap today. I cooked meat for taco purposes, but we had no taco seasoning. So I had to rethink my whole 350 calorie plan. I ended up with a tuna and cheese sandwich and a bowl of cottage cheese.

Doc and I have been debating Mr. Robot. Doc feels duped. He does not think the premise (SPOILERS) of giving the audience the answer right away and then spending the next 7 episodes convincing you that you are wrong, only to prove you right in episode in episode 9, then somehow end it in episode 10, is the least bit clever. Finding out that the Fight Club flavor was an homage left a bitter taste in both of our mouths. Has it been that long since Fight Club that we are doing homages? I don't think it has been long enough. Especially when you consider that if you take that element out of the story, it's just a boring hacker story. It all falls apart and becomes boring as shite. We thought Sam Esmail was maybe making a shout out to American Psycho and Fight Club, it never occurred to us that he was doing what he was doing intentionally. Now I'm torn. I can't wait to see the last episode, and I will keep and archive the season, but I don't think I will get behind another season. Mr. Robot was meant to be a movie, when they decided there was too much for a movie, they let it blow up a little bit since they had the time. But there is no where else to go now that the big reveal has been done, even before the season ender.

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