Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

First day, new med.

I took my second dose an hour ago. I was really struggling with the food thing. I had wanted to take it this morning, and ate about 300 calories, when Doc nixed the early dosing. I was peeved, but ultimately agreed with him. Doctor B did say afternoon/evening. So, as soon as I woke from my nap, I started thinking about what to eat. And then completely obsessing about it, coming up empty, all I wanted was low cal food. Mandarin oranges, watermelon (I have a great big seedless one in the fridge I am scared to cut into because it is the size of a small child), cottage cheese, hummus and flatbread. Finally around 7:30pm I struck upon genius. Breaded cheese sticks and marinara sauce! i looked up the calorie count on the web, and indeed, my serving size was well over 350 calories. So I did that, and took the pill.

But let's go back to last night for a moment. About three hours after I took the first pill, it was like someone put a spigot in the base of my spine and turned it open just a bit. And over the next two hours, opened it more, slowly, but steadily. And first I felt the fear I had been clinging to drip drop drip out of me. When that was gone, finally, we came to the rage, the ever present rage. And by now the spigot was fairly well open, and I literally felt that pour out of me through the base of my spine. Apparently I don't store symptoms in my legs. I wanted to go over to Doc and hug and kiss him all over and apologize a thousand times that would never be enough.

I let him sleep though. He woke up around 3am, when I had just taken my night meds and was winding down. We talked, I told him what I had felt, but instead of the spigot metaphor, simply told him I had taken my twat cape off.

Side effects? The hot and cold thing is going to be a challenge. We spent the time we were awake together adjusting the thermostat. I couldn't get comfortable. I was either wrapped up in my blanket or half naked and fanning myself. Eventually we just set it to 79 degrees, what I usually keep it at, and I went to sleep. I awoke soaking wet with my hair all curly and soaked. As soon as I got up and moving air hit my wet shirt and hair, I was freezing again. It was crazy. It should peter out. It's been my experience the most obnoxious side effects are only really an issue for the first couple of weeks, before your body adapts to them.

Right now I'm having the "can't sit still" problem. I can't read twitter or any of my news sites. I took some pictures, but can't concentrate on the installation of the software right now. And I can't get up and do anything but pace the backyard because Doc is still asleep. I won't plague him with the doing of dishes. My coordination is a bit off, so I really don't think I could do it as quietly as I usually do. That pacing the back yard thing is sounding good. I think I'll go do that for a bit. Have a good night!

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