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I approached Doc with a short list of my grievances. He denied everything and basically told me to suck it up, princess.

Once I told him that it was recommended to me to get a laptop with Windows 8.1 and immediately upgrade to 10, he announced that I, just last week, had been four square against that and promptly rescinded the offer to buy me a new laptop. Even though he's the one that broke this one. For the record, last week I had told him that I was against upgrading this machine to Windows 10. Not a pristine, from the factory 8.1 machine. Oh, well. Maybe I can talk him into leaving me $50 a month for a few months so I can have this one fixed or pay to replace it myself. Starting next month. This month I have a $90 doctor appointment and $100 medication expense. So that's kind of four months worth of discretionary money. Fuck it. I will work around it.

I painted two paintings today. I think by the time I am through with the packet of 8"x10" canvas boards, I will be ready to take on larger canvases. This is my first serious adventure in painting. The two I have from a lark of painting experimentation a decade ago, I loved, both of them. I still have them, though Doc has cosmetically fucked one of them up. This series I'm doing is not so popular with me. Finally today, four canvases into a dozen, I painted something I like and am proud of. Actually, I love it. I'll be posting it on Patreon for patrons later on tonight, with a little story about its creation. I'll release it in a couple of weeks generally without the explanation.

And I think I'm going to print out the explanations and paste them to the backs of the works. We were watching a documentary on the British Royal Museum as they set up a DaVinci exhibit. And I was not only bothered by the fact that the curator kept referring to the artist by his first name, as if they were good friends, but at the meanings and emotions and such that the curator was just randomly placing on the works. And I couldn't help but feel if DaVinci was there he would be laughing hysterically while beating the curator about the head and neck. I don't ever want that to happen to my work. Not saying I am a master artist, or ever will be. But just in case my 15 minutes comes after I die, I don't want some art snob placing his emotional baggage on my paintings. I've put enough there, myself.

I've been looking through my software, and it turns out that a program I had been using exclusively for viewing photos actually has an "import" mode and an "edit" mode where I can do simple things like crop and adjust the exposure and color correct. It uses a really graphics intensive UI, but it doesn't eat resources like Photoshop does, so I think it is safe to install and use just long enough to get some photos for my Patreon posts.

That is, once I get Doc off to work. And woe is him if he wants to stay home tonight. He's put off getting my headphones from WallyWorld for so long that if he hadn't already paid for them, they would have put them on the shelves by now. I can't really use them on here, but I do have an MP3 player that I can plug into. We have plenty of batteries for it and I use the other machine to load it (yes, it is that old, holds 54 songs, AAA battery lasts an hour, and was a gift). If I know where a firewire is. Oh, yes, the tech drawer, I have two in there, I think. No problem.

I got most of the 5-19-15 Sacramento U2 show converted to MP3 from youtube before I wiped the machine. And yes, I backed them up. It doesn't seem like they did any of the older stuff on that night. Pity. They did do a really nice version of "Bad", though.

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