Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Weekend Update

The laptop keeps overheating. We're not hearing one of the fans go on, so we're pretty sure what the problem is. Tomorrow I have to locate a nearby laptop repair place that charges less than $90 just to look at the unit. Before then, I am going to try to load the bare essential software to continue work on my video to meet a self-imposed Sunday night/Monday morning. We're going to let it rest again tonight (that means no gaming for him) and no youtube for me. And then I will try the installations in the morning. I only need 5 programs. No problem. If Adobe would just make one big program that does everything . . . it would crash my computer.

I was looking for a new pen pouch today on Pinterest. I found one from Japan that I really liked, but it was $20 plus international shipping (or finding an in-law to look for it, buy it and send it). Then I saw one that was a crocheted shark. I think there was a zipper as the mouth. And it occurred to me that I could spend the same money finding a friend who crochets and paying them for their time and yarn and talent, and it would mean that much more. So I'm going to find the picture again and hope I can find a pattern somewhere. Then I will start my quest for a yarn worker to make sharky magic.

I've been following this Tips for Writers thing on Twitter. It's mostly been how to improve your blog, 103 things to blog about, words to avoid when blogging and such stuff. Then I read an entry by them the other day about the importance of collecting the emails of everyone who visits your blog, because if worse comes to worst, you can always sell the email list. There was also the warning of NEVER getting too personal in your blog, which I just laughed at. Then again, I don't really have a blog. I have a diary. But the selling of the emails just struck me as completely unethical and a complete breach of trust between you and your faithful readers who asked to hear more from you. What the fuck people? Does everyone have to be so mercenary about things?

Really, I've been looking around at how monstrous our society has become, compared to the rest of the world. And I am horrified. Doc and I turn off the news and tell each other tales of Finland and Iceland to make ourselves feel better. What is going on? I just shake my head and think that yeah, I am the crazy one.

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