Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Doc will, too.

I had to close all of the windows. We keep the ones on the east side of the house open just a bit to encourage circulation with strategically placed fans of different sizes and purposes. That's how we're able to keep the a/c up in the 80's. But across the street, they got a new dog. A german shepherd. Over a year old. And they left it outside! And it is crying really loudly. I want to go break him out and bring him over here. I've asked Doc to go over and talk to them tomorrow and ask if we can offer free dog-sitting during the day. If he doesn't get on with Chewbacca and Circus Catimus, I can put him in the mudroom with kibble and water, and go in to play with him and love on him. And take him out in the yard to run around. The yard he is in is all concrete. So, it's 107 outside, 45% humidity, and the dog is laying in the no-shade because it is almost noon, so there is no shade, on concrete. So I had to close the windows so I can't hear him cry so I can get a bit more sleep.

I've challenged my Patreon Patrons to a game of Audience Participation. It's funny, I've known them both for years, but have no idea what aspect of my talent they like. Art? Photography? Poetry? Videos? What? So we'll see what they come up with for me to do next. I'm set up to do any number of things. I just can't take that awful first step.

Okay, I can't hear the dog anymore. I want that dog, if they don't. Doc will, too.

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