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What a day (yesterday was)

Doc came home around 7am. We dicked around, watching coverage of Trump last night, since there was no coverage of anything else. We talked and joked around and smoked. Around 9 he set up a pizza order for noon. About 10 I lay down until 11:30, then woke up starving for pizza. It soon got here and I chowed while Doc went to sleep.

Then I checked on some things, made sure everything online was okay, and went back to sleep until 7:30pm. I've been up for two hours now. I haven't decided what I'm going to do. I may turn on the alien light and paint. I may put Maleficent on. I may watch something on the laptop.

It's back-to-school time, and that means . . . School Supplies!! I love school supplies. Most particularly, folders, notebooks, and pens. This year I went with 5 subject, college ruled notebooks. Doc picked out the colors. Purple and blue. He also got me several single subject notebooks because they were only 18 cents and they were college ruled. I don't use the whole note books. I use the front, middle and back, with big gaps in between that become note fodder for the rest of the notebook's life. With a 5 subject notebook, I can do this 5 times in one book. That's 15 subjects I can take notes on and make outlines of.

For the pens, I went with something different this year. Last time I stocked up, I got gel ink clicky pens in a rainbow of colors. Two packs. I've lost most of them by now because if I try to use one and it is dried up, I leave it where it is and move on to the next one. Then the cats get a hold of the loose one and it is gone forever. So the gel-ink was kind of a bummer. Slow to dry, it was a bit of a slaughter effect with my left handedness. I have a very smeary journal and two very smeary notebooks. And it washes away.

So this time I went with Papermate's new InkJoy line. Primarily clicky pens, which dry out quick, I managed to find a set that had lids. And that is what I wanted. would only sell them as an "Add on" purchase, and Doc and I were discussing what from my wishlist he wanted to get me so I could get the pens. Then this morning, he found the pens at WallyWorld. For a buck fifty. He got me one set. He debated getting me two, but wanted to make sure they were the right ones before committing.

And then, in his unabated joy at finding my pens, he forgot to go over and pick up my headphones. He had even gone to that specific Wallyword, way out of his way, because they had them in stock, according to the website. But now he knows they have the pens super cheap, he'll go get another set of those and the headphones. I transferred my Patreon money from PayPal to my bank account and I think I'm going to use it to get more shirts. Probably wife-beaters. WallyWorld has my favorites, Hanes, in dark color multipacks. They stretch out nicely at the bottom to hide my fat belly and love handles/muffin top/Hugo, While staying form fitting around my upper torso and shoulders. Two of the ones I got three years ago have holes in them that aren't developed enough to be cool. So they need to be replaced.

But I've been wearing my tshirts. All of them V-neck. And it's just too much fabric with the humidity and the advent of me wearing a padded bra. And it's not padded to make my tits look bigger. It's padded because it takes more than a single piece of lycra to keep my tits in line. And it does. Cuz they're right there when I look down, yep, there they are. Pretending to be perky and up and sitting pretty. Plot twist? Doc bought this bra blind, with nothing more than a range of measurements (because I am always gaining and losing weight) and instructions that there be no seam across the cup. It cost him $4.98.

All the years of being told I needed to go to Neiman Marcus and get a proper bra fitting (meaning having some overly powdered old woman fondling my chest area, no thanks), and spending the $50 on one good, solid, well made bra. Kelli has gone that route. Not the fitting, but the one, high quality, big name, big price bra. The same day she bought an every day bra from WallyWorld. That was two years ago. The every day bra, she still has, and wears, nearly every day. The designer tit sling? Lost an under wire the first six months (guys, women will know, this means death to a bra. You can't put the wires back in without getting poked constantly while wearing it, and if you just pull the other one out, the whole structure of the bra is compromised and just doesn't work). So, I gots my $5 bra, and my only regret is that he found it misplaced on a rack, just happened to be my size, so he grabbed it and didn't look around for its origin.
Can magic strike twice?

I finished the second part of the playwright's interview last night. I did it in a total dissociative state, I really need to read it over and see if any apologies are needed. It didn't seem so by the tone of her email this morning, so I'm not completely distressed. I'm mostly wondering if I touched upon all of the things that I wanted to. Once that is squared away, I will edit out parts that are personal to her, and post it at Patreon for patrons. It's the only thing I've been able to finish writing recently. I have so many half essays and articles, it's pathetic.

I just realized, I can't get published, and I have a "friend" who is an editor of a local weekly. Too bad he burned that bridge and watched it fall into the rushing current below. The bitter irony. I was good enough to finger bang at 15, not good enough to print at 46. Then again, he spots talent. And probably just hasn't seen "it" in me. Passing thought.

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