Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

incomplete, from last night

mild psychotic episode. i lost my shit out on the driveway with doc. he's out running crucial errands for a half an hour, then he's going to call if he's not home by then. or text, my phone can text now. i keep hearing screaming children. i've been cut off from the news, hospital rules are in effect. the hall light is on to scare off the shadow people.

i took half of my night time xanax, and an allergy pill often used off-label for anxiety. it's my buffer since i can't get my proper dosage of xanax anymore. thanks, fda. by the time doc gets home, i should have stopped crying uncontrollably.

at least it isn't the rage. it paranoia. a garbage can that blocks the back gate was knocked over last night, and the deterrent on the gate had been knocked down. Only one of my enemies knows where I live and i am vexed that he keeps trying to access my back yard. He knows there are no security vulnerabilities back there. There is just no getting into this house without explicit permission. Or a sledgehammer and a contortionist.

Once again, I did the CSI shtick on the area, looking for torn fabric, cigarette butts, anything that didn't belong. Again, I came up with nothing. I heard a scooter last night, but put the thought out of my mind

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