Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Let me explain. No, there is too much, let me sum up.

Okay. With Mike Huckabee's insane comment about Obama leading the Israelis to the "Oven Doors" with the new Iran Deal (which I am in favor of, the deal, not the ovens), the lid is officially closed on my open letter to him scolding him over his unbecoming use of "schizophrenic" two weeks ago. It took him two weeks, but he out did himself, in a marvelous and grand manner. I graciously and quietly bow to the Israelis and back slowly to the corner of the back stage area. This is their fight, now.

I'm writing things in various places, if you follow me on more than one social media platform (for example, here, facespace and patreon), there will be some stuff repeated. I apologize for that. I have my irons in many fires. I am writing to assorted audiences for assorted reasons and trying to keep it all straight. And I swear, if I can make something come of any of it, I will fucking deserve something shiny or chocolatey after all is said and done.

I'm trying to keep this a daily thing. And mostly it is. But because I don't lose what I put here, I also write short pieces for certain people to read here when I need a quick and dirty short link and I don't care about the stats. And if I think it might have something that you don't already know, or might also want to hear. I do keep you in mind. This is my favorite web space, because of you guys and your silent consent.

I was using tumblr for essays/articles, but now I'm writing those for Patreon Patrons because it's so easy and cheap to become one of those, if you really cared about reading them and the other rewards, you'd just subscribe. Those are also the pieces I hold out for publication, should the opportunity present itself. All of the news sites with human interest sections want already published clips with your article submission. So I'm kind of stuck right now.

And Facebook gets these little mini-rants out of me. Essentially something that I want to say to someone on there, but don't have the guts, I just put it out there with no name attached.

Current Muses:
Lady Gaga
Ani DiFranco
Live U2
Dropkick Murphy's
Flogging Molly
Big Coutry feat. Mike Peters

See? This is what happens when Henry Rollins is dead to me.

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