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pipe dreams and almosts

Okay, periodic tweets of a line of a poem with the link to it on Soundcloud and four hashtag words/phrases throughout the day is working. Slowly but steadily. Doc has promised that this weekend we will set up my room for recording. Simon has spread out all the sheets of fabric on the bed and deemed them suitable for hanging on the wall. Nice of him to do, I suppose.

We learned today that one cat will come when I call him in, and the winner is . . . Simon. So there's that.

I feel like I did nothing today. But I cleaned the whole house and hung laundry and other domestic shit. Just nothing creative. I did look extensively for a Wordpress theme I liked better than the one I had. I found one, but it is no longer available. Piss. I found another one, but I have no idea how extensive it is, like, does it have only the one blog page? Or does it have other pages so I can use it as a site? I've also discovered that the designers of WordPress themes use the term "grunge" VERY loosely. Like, they outright lie when tagging their designs. Even their tattoo parlor sites were cleaned and scrubbed. So, my search continues. I will pay for it, if I find the right design. I have no problem with that. There just seems to have been a drop off of theme designs in the past year and a half.

I'm going to try to sit back and relax while I finish this. Sitting at attention all day has not only shown me the flaws in my posture, but it is completely exhausting. I sit up completely straight, perched on the edge of the couch.

At least the blood filled hormonal nightmare is over for another 28 days. Doc called it within two days this time. He's good. I never know. He tried tracking it with a calendar, but found that hopeless, as I warned him it would be. I found that out so many years ago. So he just goes by intuition now. The only thing he can't tell is when it's done. Sometimes it's a week, sometimes it's two days. Got him tricked with that. A gurl needs her secrets.

We're going to be hilarious this weekend. Putting the fabric up on the ceiling, both of us with bad backs. Him also saddled with a bad knee and arm/shoulder. At least we have a safe step ladder that I can hold steady on the bed while he climbs it, or vice versa. When all is said and done, it's going to be hot in there. The a/c vent is just out of the "box" we're constructing. So is the window. Doc has a small fan I can put in there with me to turn on between takes and while listening to playback. It's a wee circular metal thing. It's designed like the big, cyclone round floor fans, but it's about 6" across. And the whole thing is stainless steel. I am in love with this little fan. He told me I could have it a while ago, but since I sleep in the living room, I haven't needed it for anything. Now, finally I need it.

So, I can put the laptop on the egg crate on the mattress, with the mic next to it. Sit about a foot from the laptop and mic, with the pop filter in place, adjust the mic in Windows Properties before adjusting it again in Audition. Make sure the a/c is off. Lock Major out of the room (the constant meowing is beyond my purview to clean out of a recording). I will, of course, have printed out which pieces I want to read.

I may include a few covers. Covers of songs, though, not other poems. It's really hard for me to separate the lyrics from the music. So it all really depends on how attached I am to the lyrics. If I am locked on to the words enough, they go through my head without the music, in that case, I can do it. Covers would be much much harder for me to do than my own work. Plus there's always the fear that the original artist would hear it somehow and hate it and castigate me for it. So if I do this, I will only release the result if I think I may have added something to it that is my own.

Nick Cave's son died yesterday (since the date has changed). That so sucks. My heart goes out to Nick and his. I can't help but wonder how this could possibly make his work any darker, but I imagine it will.

Now that the search for the perfect theme has slowed my WordPress progress, I must get to scanning. That pile of written journals is not getting anything but dusty sitting there waiting for me to scan in the precious pages. That is going to be one of the Patron goodies for a level I haven't invented yet.

Oh, yeah, video making tomorrow. I picked the music I'm going to use, a copyrighted piece that I'm trying really hard to do the "fair use" thing with. I've been reading up on it. If I can't do it legally, I'll read some Bukowski or something. Maybe "Jabberwocky" or some Winnie the Pooh.

Never think about what I have to do after taking my meds. Ack, here it all is! right at the front of my brain.

My work is on now. Band name: cydniey. As always. It is the same old stuff. Just another platform. Just wait until I get decent recordings, I'll be fucking everywhere! I may break my ban on Apple-related-anything and put my work up on their streaming service.

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