Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

I'm still aggressively waiting.

Okay, I am sitting in my preferred typing position. So I am not typing this with one hand. And in the time it has taken me to type this, my entire right leg has gone numb. Sweet Christ. I'd like to talk to someone about this aging thing.

Now I have switched position so my leg is not numb, and my back is not screaming, much. But within, I'd give it 15 minutes, the laptop will overheat because my left leg is blocking the fan.

And now we are back to perching on the edge of the couch with perfect posture, leaning over at the waist to type. Still using both hands. No numb, no pain. And I am on a dangerously large amount of OTC pain meds. I may just ask for my other 15 mg of morphine tonight so I can get some work done. I'll do what I can this afternoon, most of the audio mixing. It's just the graphics that I need the laptop on my actual lap for. And I haven't spent any time configuring the colors on the big monitor yet, so it's not Photoshop ready yet. Audio on it is beautiful.

Audio is beautiful right now. I have all of the audio files I'm working on living on one of my new external drives. And Audition is using it as a scratch disk and it's a terabyte and a half with barely anything on it. So every effects configuration I can think of stacking up will play a sample before committing to it. It wouldn't do that using my 500 gig as a scratch disk. So I guess it uses a bit of space. It runs a bit slow, but I don't mind that, it allows me to think of/plan my next move.

I'll have the same advantage with Photoshop. Which is good, because my secret weapon uses massive amounts of space to do its thing. And where I used to shrink and crop the raw images before I messed with them, now I'm doing that last, so I'm working with incredibly large images in manipulation mode and saving everything I do in PSD so it is completely editable for the future.

That's what I needed my own external hard drive for. All of the PSD files. They are on the big-ish side. Also, the movie project files, that save all my videos in process, so I can go in and edit any number of things and then resave as an avi or mp4. They take up a lot of room, as well.

Blah blah blah . . . I know. I do ramble on about nothing that means anything to anyone. Suffice it to say that I am much more organized now. And I have my thumb drives for back-ups and traveling.

Doc is talking again about getting me a "real" camera. And a telephoto lens. I'll start researching them, I guess. I'll take this bit of support for my art. I'm pouting today because he wouldn't listen to my new remix and I'm dying for feedback on it. He said, when I asked him, implored him, "I thought we agreed that you weren't going to ask my opinion on your art anymore, especially your poetry, it triggers me." What could I say to that? No, well this one won't? It would be a lie. At best, it would remind him of my state of mind when it was written; at worst, it would remind him of the exact episode that led to the writing of the piece and what a nightmare that night was. There is no way for me to win here.

And I've only released it for exclusive download for Patreon Patrons. I took a chance with the mixing and I want to get some feedback before I go releasing it to the world. Because the audio fiddling I did could mark a significant change in the way I present my spoken work when recorded. There is a part of me that wants to start a band. But could a punk rock band survive if all of the songs are spoken/screamed?

I finally learned something about the U2 enigma of a song, "Exit". One of Bono's favorite, inspired by a book he read about a serial killer. They performed it often and with enthusiasm. It was originally recorded as one long jam in the studio, but was edited down to song length, and in some of the live video footage of it, you can see that jamming spirit shine through in their performance. But not long after it came out, like a year, maybe two, a man was convicted in real life of killing, and in his defense, he cited the song, "Exit" as an inspiration to him to take the action he did. The band has not played it live since. It is said that Bono was hit particularly hard by this.

I'm pretty sure I have downloaded every live version of it available on youtube (FLVTO Youtube Downloader, you'll thank me), and I have them all ranked by energy level. I am more obsessed by this song than I was when I knew nothing.

I learned something about my Swedish great -grandparents today (you may remember I had hit a wall here). My great grandmother, it seems, emigrated here through New York and lived with an American family. But for how long, I do not know. But I got the name of my Great Grandfather and Grandmother, with her maiden name. So, it seems they did not emigrate here together through the Panama Canal, as my parents thought. Maybe they met in NYC and then went by sea to the West Coast, via the Panama Canal, and that is why they don't show up in immigration records on the West Coast. They were already citizens. This is well and good, but I want to get back to Sweden. There's nothing for it, I'm going to have to plunk down for an membership. All I really need is a month.

I am also looking into having my DNA traced. I'm curious about the Irish/English mutts that my dad's side of the family is made up of. I'd like to find some pride there, aside from the family's tall tale of being related to crazy King George.

I'm still aggressively waiting. I've asking backing up. I'm not doing any more of that for a bit. Just waiting.

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