Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

After watching three days of live U2 footage . . .

from the current tour, I have some opinions. Mostly about one of my fantasy league big brothers, Bono.

But first the band. They are tight as ever. The Edge is doing a lot of singing and he is all over it. Perfect execution, no matter what impromptu shit Bono throws at him, he's like a mom who has tuned the toddler out. Adam and Larry, great. Not a bad word to say. It's cool to see Larry pulled up front for Sunday Bloody Sunday and the intro to Raised by Wolves, and made the feature of The Troubles, when Bono is not singing.

Then there's Bono. Sweet, Dear, Bono. I will admit, I watched this tour from most recent shows back to tour opening. And I was hoping to catch them currently at the highest point energetically, and when I say "them", I mean him. The dancing, gesticulating, posing, flailing . . . where the fuck is it? A four kick mock fight scene near the end of Raised by Wolves? That's it? Really?

Here is my theory: that bike accident took much more out of him than any of his fans know and he went out on tour too damn soon. He's out of shape. And I don't just mean the pot belly, that's kind of cute, not everyone can be Sting. I mean . . . musically/spiritually. He's there, and he's singing the words, and sometimes he's even managing an old style grunt or whisper or scream, but he doesn't seem to be connecting to the music.

Now, my opinion may be colored by my also viewing many, many live versions of "Exit" and finally learning its history. It has more baggage than I do. But Bono had a very special connection to that particular song for a while and gave ALL when he performed it. So, like I said, seeing these super-emotive performances from the late 80's may be shading my opinion of the overall connection he is showing to his current music. (With the exception of Iris, that is the one clear one that he deeply connects with in every performance, he never phones that one in.)

And that is my opinion on the tour. The staging is brilliant. I love it. Perfect use of electronics and just not. I wish my mom had kept working lights for rock shows. She'd be a happy, rich, single lesbian in Clearwater by now.

The rest of this day will be spent aggressively waiting for things to happen. I need to finish "The Art of Asking" because I need to find out when I'm supposed to start getting answers, be they 'yes' or 'no'. Because I've done a lot of asking, and not gotten a lot of answers. So, I'm thinking I just haven't read far enough yet.

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