Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

I don't know how long this will be

I did something unspeakable to my back. You know the muscle group next to the sciatica nerve? Turns out at 46 you can pull those muscles by standing up funny. I have been unable until just now, to find a position conducive to typing. And this isn't going to last long because I have to lean on my sciatica to stop the pain in the muscles, so my leg is numb. FUCK. I was fine until I hit 46. Then it all went to shit. I give in, I will start taking pre-natal vitamins. I will accept that I am malnourished and start regularly drinking nutrient shakes and trying to get some vegetables in my diet.

My feud with vegetables is deep seated and based on ancient memories of being force fed, and throwing up on the dinner table and myself and the beatings that followed. And if I told Doc, he would sigh melodramatically and tell me to get over it. Um, yeah, been trying all my life. I'll make zucchini bread. I'll eat more salads. I'll eat fresh green beans.

I have to take pictures of the car that lives behind us. It's a racing car of some kind. Its front side panels are always banged up, but it is never in "demolition derby" shape. It's a mid70's land yacht, so it's not a rally car, powerful or not, a rally stage would take that thing apart, piece by piece over every bump (and do we even have rally racing in America?). I can tell from the sound of its engine that it is incredibly powerful, I just don't know what they use it for. Or where. We have a speedway, but I don't see anything that would beat up a car happening there, that's where NASCAR goes.

Oh here, if I lean a little forward . . . I can't focus on the type on the screen, but there is no pain.

I'm really looking forward to this upcoming week, politically speaking. It's going to be non-stop giggles with the GOP and Teahadists losing their minds over ACA and Equality in Marriage. I dread, however, the number of "Lone Wolves" that are finally going to step up out of their mother's basements and do whatever damage they feel that their god calls for in such a situation. We are about to find out how many people really think this heralds the end of days, even though cheap/free healthcare and marriage equality have been features all over the world for years, and no one's god has swept down on a chariot of fire, beheading marchers in gay pride parades. And with grace, we may be able to rid ourselves of a few. Maybe they will move. Maybe they will just quiet down and go back and meld into their couches and be quietly horrified at what FOX "news" is telling them.

And boy, is this going to thin out the Presidential Candidate pool. We can watch Darwin's theory at work over the next year+, survival of the fittest. How many GOP candidates are going to quietly align with popular opinion in a desperate bid to get elected? Mitt Romney is rumored to be climbing into the ring soon. Then it will be really funny. I've always had a theory that we didn't see him after the election because he had a mental breakdown when he lost. Mormons are very gullible. Especially when you tell them they are right/winning. They will believe the person at their ear telling them they are winning, as they watch themselves lose. And then everything unravels. They are priests of God, blessed, how could they not win? What kind of god would not answer their fasting and prayer with a resounding "Yes"? But that's just my opinion.

Okay, this must end now. I guess I'll go to bed early. I'll get tomorrow's "post punk slam poetry blitz" ready to go and then go to bed. I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow. It will be day three. I'm not doing anything to hurt it further, so it should heal quickly.

Oh! I got a new Patreon subscriber today! (Thank you!) I feel so motivated. It's neat because I know my audience well. I consider both subscribers good and true friends, so this is starting out as a very intimate kind of thing. I couldn't be more pleased.

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