Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

for that is what they are

So hard not to troll racists on Twitter tonight. It's just too easy.

I think the cats got a hold of Izzard last night. They had an albino lizard, they had taken its tail off, but didn't seem to have hurt it any further. So I rescued it and put it up on the wall by the light they catch food by. He disappeared up into the eaves. Only Iggy has been out tonight, so I don't know Izzard's condition, or if that was even him. Damn cats. Then today, Teeny snuck out and brought home a desert lizard about half the length of her. I think he was a goner, but I put him up on the cinder block wall so he could escape. So, Teeny is grounded. No Playtime for a week. And only then, after dark, when the big lizards are asleep. And the birds.

I got my first Patreon subscriber today. Thank you! It finally got Doc interested in it. He started asking about rewards and coming up with ideas and asking me if I had included this or that in my profile and artist's statement, I did have an artist's statement, didn't I? It was so cool. He finally saw that someone had enough interest in my art to support it with real money. Even though I have sold my art in the past, it has been a long time, and this whole Patreon thing was a long shot. I am glad for so many reasons that I took the chance.

I also heard from a friend in the past 36 hours that I hadn't heard from in almost a year. He may think that I only think of him as my Tech Patron, but he is so much more. He's been reading this drivel and seeing me, and knowing me for years now. He knows me better than most real life people. And I know nothing about him aside from his generosity and kindness. It's good to know he is ok and still around. This may sound weird, to say about an Ether Person, but I feel better knowing he is out there. I feel that way about a lot of you guys. And I worry when I don't hear from you. He is one of these people.

I managed late last night to catch up with Doc's laundry. It was all hung and dry by this morning. He's so cute, since his accident, he's been calling me when he gets off the bus on Mountain Vista, which is the one main road I know how to get to, he calls me and tells me he thinks he's overdone it and can I meet him halfway? And I always jump into my shorts and bra and shoes, grab my phone, sometimes the dog, my wallet/keys and race out the door. Then I scurry up the street to the other street to the other street and on my way to the third street, I usually run into him. He's usually got bags of groceries for me to carry while he takes the dog. Today he called, and I ran out of the house and met him halfway, and he wasn't even carrying anything, he just wanted company on his way home, not that he would admit it. He's so fucking adorable.

Ahhhhh. The house is all clean. There's nothing for me to do tonight. I may as well go to bed and get up early tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is Doc's Friday and my party night because I don't have to wake up any specific time to wake Doc up on Friday. Major is meowing, not surprising I know, but he sounds like he's locked in somewhere. Did I mention that it isn't the meowing that I don't understand, it's that he's speaking in Portuguese? I figured that out a few months ago. When I told Doc, he gave me that look that says, "I simply don't get you at all." He's so concerned about the crazy leaking out, he can't enjoy any aspect of it. My way of communicating and articulating and imagining is cool a lot of the time, if you stop and listen to it. Schizophrenia isn't all bad. And there is nothing wrong with describing my torn grey shoes as "shredded", for that is what they are.

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