Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

How about a laugh for a change?

I'm in a good mood for a change. Doc was my issue today, he was driving me crazy and we only spent a couple of hours together, he was in rare form. I almost shoved him out the door. Then sat here for the first hour waiting for him to walk into the room, I couldn't believe he was gone for the night. We get on each other's nerves. He's having a really hard time with the way I communicate. You don't see it in here, but I talk very carefully, he says slowly. It's like all the words ever are floating around my head and I have to find them and grab them before I can say them. And he can't take it. It never fails, when I am halfway through my story, right as I am about to get to my main point, he waves me away and tells me he can't stand to listen to me anymore. OR, he'll just give me the hand cue to speed it up.

Then there are his constant assumptions. In the years and years that we have been together, it still has not occurred to him that my thought processes work differently. But he constantly makes assumptions, on everything. And he will ask me a barrage of questions all with different answers, all with wrong assumptions and I freeze up. Do I clear up the assumptions? Do I answer the questions as if he were right? Which question is the most important and should be answered first? And by this time, he is usually yelling at me.

But none of that tonight! He is at work! So . . . the laugh. Here we go . . . the following photo is the Drone "Laptop", regarde:

Here, you see the laptop, its lid taped because it tends to fall completely open, sitting on a cardboard egg flat because it overheats, with a dead screen and two keys missing. You will also note the extra keyboard, it's a USB, connected because of the missing keys on the laptop keyboard. Next to the laptop, please notice a giant old monitor, with a working screen, connected to the laptop. To the side of that is the giant 00's printer/scanner/copier with ink the cost of gold and no longer available. I use the scanner on it. My real printer is set up on a lower shelf of that unit. So, that is my Drone Laptop. I would actually be happy with a USB mouse, but I'm really fine using the touch pad on the laptop. Again, all I do on it is use my old webcams for arting, and scanning of old diaries and photos. And it takes up the whole desk. I just find that funny. I don't know why. I never thought of a laptop as something you could frankenstien. Oh, yeah, invisible in this picture is the 4 port USB hub.

I also found a power cord today with a strange history, and neither Doc nor I know from whence it came. It was plugged in on one end and dangling on the other. So I unplugged it and gathered it up. It had once been a skinny black cord, that had been spliced (by a professional, it looked like) to a skinny white cord that went into a power box and a thick white cord came out of the box and got plugged into the wall. My printers and laptops all have that. But I don't remember any of them being spliced or white. I am so confused.

And it doesn't help that I have about 150' of USB cable coiled up on top of the other cables and cords, that was a bad strategic move. If I could, I would have it like it was when I worked in the Creative Sound Card factory, every cable hung down from above. It was glorious. So many cables. And yet, I can identify most of them. The power cords, not so much. But the other cables, I know which color network cables go to which devices, and which USB extension cables go where and how. It's just the getting to them that is the issue.

I got my desk cleaned off, though.

I got my glass table in my studio cleaned off, too. We had to take it down to get the washer in the mudroom/pantry/washroom. Tomorrow I am taking out the rug we got for the studio and laying it on the driveway, on the slope and power washing it. Once it dries, it goes into the studio and I can then put the table back up. And somehow I am going to get the black bookshelf into the house soon.

Doc has been monopolizing the washer. He's done like 7 loads. I only know that because I am in charge of hanging them and then taking them down and folding him. He's got it made, if it weren't for the four hours of walking/busing to get to and from work. I really don't do enough for him. And I talk to him too damn much. I have to stop acting like he is my sole social outlet or human contact, even though he is.

Jesus, I can't remember what I just did. I literally have no clue at all what I just finished doing. Something on the web. Something with my profile. Some random profile I use. Oh, yeah, The site must have mesmerized me to forget being there. I found new battery packs and a new recharger for my Sony Mavica, easily the best digital camera I have. But it's old. You can buy the model I have, that saved photos to floppy disk, for $12.99 on amazon. The batteries and charger are a bit more expensive. But Doc loves the Mavica and he will gladly shell out for fixing it so he can use it. It has 10x optical zoom, 10x. My other three cameras don't. The best of the three has 4x optical, and 12x digital zoom in video mode. And digital zoom is worthless to me. It just enlarges the pixels, it doesn't actually gather more detailed information like optical zoom does. So, 10x is a big deal.

I have to go do the dishes. It should take all of 15 minutes. I tried to clean the living room or dining room into a laundry free zone, but he just spreads. Maybe I will vacuum. They've got carpet bits from their carpet tree all over again. Always spend the extra money for a quality tree with quality carpet. Ours was a nice looking tree that was gifted to us, but it wasn't chosen with care. The carpet was really cheap and it is disintegrating hourly. They don't seem to mind, but the pale carpet pieces on my dark brown carpet are disturbing my calm.

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