Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Right down here in 2015

Can I really compare carrying a fetus that is the result of rape to a mad serial urologist breaking into a governor's home, drugging him and giving him a vasectomy? This is my premise for my open letter to Scott Walker regarding his comments that women who carry "rape babies" are only concerned with the "rapey" part of things for the first trimester or so. I guess after that we are supposed to be so overwhelmed with the miracle of carrying a parasite around in our bodies, sucking us dry, that we overcome the trauma of being raped. These Republicans are SO clueless. And there is no way to wake them up, these penis toting fools, because they simply will never experience the violation, helplessness or shame that rape permits to run around your head.

And big, grown up punk rock women like me can compartmentalize what they say and discard most of it. But what of the younger generations? The younger victims that don't have the privilege of hindsight and 30 years of angry poetry to shore themselves up with? All they get is this garbage, and it's sick, it's diseased thinking, and the GOP is running around infecting every woman they can with it. Giving us some freedom (the vote, shoes without heels, automatic dishwashers, the Pill, Lady's razors, underpaid jobs, washer/dryer sets) didn't shut us up, we want equality. All they have left is to try and tear us down, destroy utterly our self-esteem, as half a species, because they are too weak to deal with us. And mostly for reasons that they made up in the first place.

Truth be told, we carry and give life, we should be in charge. That just makes sense in the natural world. Far from making us the "weaker" sex, it makes us stronger, more resilient. We can survive hosting multiple parasites and bounce right back. We can carry on with jobs and family responsibilities while doing this. Men still think they should get a special reward for just taking care of their children. When dad's home with the kids, it's babysitting. But when mom is home, it's parenting. Why is this? If men cannot take care of their own young without feeling entitled to special kudos, how can we expect them to run our lives, citizens that aren't even related to them, with any amount of common sense or compassion?

I am not by any means anti-men. I am in love with a wonderful one. Proof to me that they exist. But they don't seem to be running for president right now. All we have are these GOP boobs who have so fetishized boobs that they can't even begin to think what else makes up a woman.

It was summed up perfectly in "One Million Ways to Die in the West", when Sarah Silverman showed her pussy to her god-fearing, Christian boyfriend. He asked, "Are you in pain?" That's about the level of understanding we are dealing with here, in 2015.

OK, wow, don't know where that was festering. It wasn't the Scott Walker rant I was thinking of, it was a general GOP rant. I had no idea I was that pent up. I really should be writing for some online left wing rag by this point. I should be getting a penny a word, or a link per paragraph or something.

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