Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Big news on the free-range pet situation!

Izzard, the albino lizard that lives in the eaves of the patio roof, has adjusted to losing his net of fairy lights and only having one light to hunt near. And last night, I noticed there are now TWO albino lizards! Izzard, who has a tail, and his friend without a tail, who's called Iggy. They were hunting together. I've no idea where Iggy came from, but I'm really glad that Izzard has a friend now.

Update on the wild lizard in the house: no new sightings, I fear it may have passed. We'll find it when we move.

Crazy bird is back for the summer. He was down the street in the olive tree, but made his way up to our pine. He is a mocking bird and he sings all day and all night. Literally, all night. I've spent many a night out there with my hookah and diary listening to him through the night and as the sun comes up, he never stops. Drives the cats crazy.

I got the software I needed loaded onto the drone computer tonight. All of the devices work except for the 3com cam, which I will either fix, or not. I have a Logitech Pro 3000 that does work. And the ChillCam software is uploading with no problem now. Whatever the problem was, wiping my computer and reinstalling WinXP fixed it. There is another piece of my master plan, falling into place.

I'm trying to have a debate on FB about whether I should put "Trigger Warnings" on some of my pieces that have, well, been triggering people. The general consensus seems to be, "Fuck them, their not your audience if they are that sensitive." Well, it's the only audience I've managed to drum up so far. Granted, they don't return, or tell their friends about me. So who is my audience? Where are they? Where do I pick them up? Seriously. And some of this advice is coming from people who may not have heard any of my pieces.

I'm so bloody confused. Do I really have no audience? I mean, that's a possibility, right? Maybe this stuff should all be kept inside of folders and not actually shared. That could be my mistake, a wrong assumption from the very beginning. Maybe the reason that my two best friends, Doc and Kelli, are uninterested, completely, in my "art", is that it isn't worth their consideration, and they don't know how to just tell me. So Doc tells me I'm hurting his head, or that he just can't listen to my poetry; and Kelli just avoids it altogether. Though when she was here, she heard a lot of it because she went with me to every reading, every open mic. But could that be it?

Someone has to nut up and tell me. If I've just been making a giant ass of myself and spending time and money doing it, okay, joke is on me. Let me go, let me know. Because my time is running out and I want to have enough of it to do something I can succeed at.

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