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If you're sick of the Duggar story, don't read on.

I didn't write in here last night, did I?

Update: Doc is doing well. He's sore and scabby, but doing much better. He worked a full night on Thursday, getting a ride to work and only having to walk home. But that walk tore him up and wore him out. He's been doing a lot of sleeping. His "holiday" will be filled with work, mucho overtime. I just worry about him getting there and home on foot.

He's been thinking. The last accident he got into was on the scooter. This accident was on his mountain bike. He thinks he is done with two wheels, he's had enough fun and is ready to go to four wheeled vehicles. So he's going to get in touch with the guy who used to work on the truck and see if we can salvage it for less than a small fortune.

B has demanded that Doc retrieve his scooters post haste. The logistics of which are complicated to say the least. One of the scooters will run, it just has a gasket that needs to be replaced. The other scooter is not in working order and will have to be walked the few miles home. That is, if B hasn't damaged them beyond recognition out of anger and immaturity. That's what I'm really afraid of. He gets drunk and goes crazy. Like, throwing his Apple computer in the pool when he got pissed at it one night. Or the damage he did to the laptop we gave him when it wouldn't connect to the internet, like we told him it wouldn't. He removed several keys from the keyboard. We asked for it back once it was useless to him because I have stickers on it that I want to keep. It is now the drone machine with a USB keyboard attached for use. What I'm trying to say is that he is dangerously impulsive and has no respect for things.

I unfollowed someone on Twitter last night. I really loved his daytime posts, about politics and such, but at night he would post thirty or more posts about animals up for adoption on the east coast, especially animals slated for immediate death. It was killing me. There is nothing I can do for these animals, and it made me sad every night to see these listings. So I had to unfollow him. Then he sends me a notice saying he had unfollowed me, which I thought completely unnecessary and replied back, "Um, thanks for the update?" To which he replied, "You unfollow me, I unfollow you, have a nice life." I retweeted his tweet and commented, "Butt hurt BS like this is the reason I don't use Twitter anymore. I've done middle school. I have no patience for it." People are fucking lunatics. Self-important much? If he had asked why, I would have told him, and he might have understood. But no, just go for the butt hurt of superiority. Obviously Twitter means more to him than it does to me. I wash my hands of it.

I have some work to do today with Warped to try and suss out the issues with the cam software that I am still having. I can't get anything done until that is taken care of.

I have ignored my other work all week because of this Doc thing. I've been really into taking care of him, to the detriment of my other endeavors. I don't want to get so deep into something that I can't help him, or worse, come off as inconvenienced when helping him. He's sleeping peacefully now, but he'll need to eat and be medicated when he gets up.

I ran out of Cymbalta yesterday. I was in a mild panic, but figured it had built up in my blood stream enough to carry me through a few days. Then CVS called and informed me that I had a refill on it, and did I want them to fill it for me. A resounding YES! So, it will be ready this afternoon. Crisis averted. Because I don't know when I'll be able to make up the appointment I missed this week. I'm good on all my other meds for a couple of weeks.

Doc said he's noticed that I really seem to be giving a shit. I'm not sure what he means by that. I've been trying hard to give a shit for months now, and he's just now noticed it. Good thing? Bad thing? Just let it go? Just keep being me? I'll go with that last one.

We've run out of cat food. He's been in no condition to walk to the store and get more. They are eating Chewy's old kibble that he decided he didn't like. But they want everyone to know that they are not happy about it. I actually told Felix last night to go out and hunt something. He didn't. Rotten cat. He's curled up with the dog and has stopped meowing for the time being.

I'm still trying to skip the news online. The whole Duggar molestation thing hits too close to home. And while everyone is spending all their time on the incestuous pedophile Josh, no one is saying anything about the victims. No one is their advocate. And the right wing is placing Josh's actions in a box labeled "Youthful Indiscretions." NO. It was incest. It was pedophilia. It was a crime against nature, god and the good ol' US of A. Mostly it was a crime against these girls. And no, I don't think they were asleep as they were being fondled, I never was. I woke up every time it happened. And I lay there frozen, unable to move, to cry out for help. And a lot of survivors I've talked to, including my own sister, say the same thing. And everyone seems to be ignoring the fact that pedophiles usually, mostly, don't stop at the point where they started. They keep offending. They escalate. And Josh has three children of his own now, with another on the way, and no one seems to grasp that these children are now in danger. The whole thing enrages me. And Mike Huckabee can go straight to hell with his constant defense of this family and especially this monster, Josh. Somehow, this family needs to be exposed, and not just for a little teenaged diddling of his sisters, but the whole rotten system they are living in and indoctrinating their children into. They are responsible for covering up egregious child abuse under their own roof and seem to be unconcerned that their daughters are scared for life, and have no safe place to go.

So, is Josh Duggar gay? Because the Duggars are positive that it's the Gays that are a danger to little children sexually. If that is so, then we need to know, they need to shout it from the roof tops that they have been vindicated for their hate speech. That they have been proven right by their own progeny. If he's not gay, then they owe the entire LGBTQ community a very loud and heartfelt apology and they need to stop their hate activism immediately. Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone. That leaves the Duggar family leaders without any rocks. They covered the crime up until the statute of limitations ran out. They took him to a Trooper for a "stern talking to", and later the Trooper was fired for child pornography. What kind of people are these, exactly? These are not Christians, not in the way I was taught Christianity. Jesus said nothing about incest being a part of his plan of love and peace.

So yeah. The whole story should come with a Trigger Warning. Especially for young girls who are still experiencing abuse at the hands of relatives. Because it proves that no matter how "holy" the perpetrator, there is no help to be found. This is a study in why to just give the fuck up. Because God will not help you, the victim. God will help your abuser. And those that covered for your abuser. God is there for them, but not for you.

The Duggar children should be removed from the home and placed in safe care. Their parents do not have their best interests at heart. That is the one thing that should be clear to everyone. Even the RWNJs.

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