Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

No, really listen to this one, it's fecking great.

Today's song is "Renegades" by X Ambassadors. You may recognize it from the Jeep commercial. A true misuse of the song. It's gorgeous. When I get sick of it on a continuous loop, I'll go with Sia's "Chandelier" for a while.

I have a bunch of graphics to make for Soundcloud. 8 of my pieces have the same graphic on them right now. I also have to listen to some of my stuff and find something else I am in love with and remaster it. I've listened to last night's post-production of "Rage Rover Rant" and am so in love with myself for how it turned out.

Oh, you're curious to hear it? will take you right to it. Feel free to leave a comment if you are so moved. This is my best recording to date. Please do, take a listen. Even Doc deigned to listen to a few seconds of it to give me critique. He says it's tinny/echo-y. It was recorded in our open living room/dining room cavern, so yeah. I'll redo it in my bedroom studio for the album.

For the what? The album?!?! Yes, somehow, I plan to create an album of my spoken word and distribute it. I will probably do it all on this laptop and my printer, like I did with "Mom Said No", but it won't be an amalgam of mp3s and photo files, but real audio files that can be played on any stereo. I haven't thought of a title yet. It is still way too early for that. There has been a spark of interest. I'm trying to fan that into a small but obstinate flame. I want to swing from the chandelier.

I've promised myself that I'm not going to be daunted by the people I know that are only interested in promoting themselves and no one else. Let them swing out there lonely and selfish, making their lucre. I don't care about the money. I'm looking for . . . recognition. On one of my profiles, I think on Pinterest, I say that I have no claim to fame, and I like it that way. That stops now. Say my name, bitch. Spell it right.

"Am I being watched? I mean my web activity?"
"We're all being watched."
"I mean, monitored, you know what I mean."
"Why, what did you do?"
"I google mapped an Army Training Area and studied it."
"You're fine, they're still laughing about you're google maps tour of Langley."
"What if I find Dick Cheney's house?"
"You won't find Dick Cheney's house."

Strange conversations. They happen every day, all over the world. Dick Cheney really did have his house removed from Google Maps, I thought that was just propaganda. You learn something new every day.

Okay, I went totally off topic. My brain is bouncing. I'm juggling so many ideas, every so often a new ball bounces into the juggle.

So, the heat protectant I got for my hair, to protect it from the heat of the flat iron makes my hair frizzy. I am disappointed. I'll try using it along with my healing oil and see if I can put a stop to that. My hair is my one vanity that I allow myself. And when it is unhappy, I am unhappy.

So, on to listening to my stuff. I also have to update one of my spreadsheets. Maybe post more later.

BTW, I've decided that Twitter is the WORST place on the web to promote yourself.

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