Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Baby I'm back up and screaming my own name.

I'm riding high on an extra half dose of Cymbalta today. There were three capsules left in the bottle, so I took all three so I could throw away the bottle. At some point I dropped it with the lid off (stupid morning shakes) and lost a pill. I thought I got them all. So, I get an extra boost of happy today.

You may notice this is a public post. Yes, I'm bringing this back above ground. I'm over my tantrum and ready for the light to shine back on me and my itinerant ramblings.

It was too windy today to bury Poe. And it's going to rain tomorrow and be windy again, so Doc suggested that we wait until things calm on Sunday and then give Poe half a Viking funeral, as I am half Viking and he was a regal Crow. So he picked up some wood for the fire pit and a bit of fuel so it burns hot enough to turn most of Poe to ash. I am torn about wanting to keep one of his feet. I have a really nice tin I could line with velvet and keep it and a few feathers in.

Doc has an arrangement with the man who does the landscaping next door. When the man cuts the grass, he puts it in a garbage can over the wall on our property (Doc has some idea about reducing the dust from the dirt in the back yard by mixing cut grass into it, and defying all odds I could think of, it is working). When the can fills, Doc empties it all over the back yard. This week he emptied it. And the bottom of the can's contents ended up fairly close to the patio. And it is a solid chunk. And it smells like decaying flesh. I am convinced when Doc breaks it up for distribution, he is going to find a head or other body part in it. I mean, it REALLY smells like rotting flesh. I've been a Chef in shit kitchens, I know from that smell.

Some guys are doing rampage home invasions in nearby neighborhoods. So I've been really AR about keeping the security gates shut and locked at all times. Even when I'm outside. So, I'm well intentioned, but a little misdirected.

This morning when Chewbacca and I went out for our straight-out-of-bed smoke, there was a man a street over, in the street, yelling for help. Before I could go in and grab my phone to dial 911 for him, what sounded like three LEOs and an ambulance showed up. The news helicopters were all doing their morning traffic jazz, so none made it over here to cover whatever happened. I hope that guy and his family are okay. Chewy was freaked out, though. To be honest, so was I. This is a quiet neighborhood, aside from the big-ass truck guys and the three Harley houses.

Speaking of, I wonder what happened to the Cinco de Mayo celebrations here. It's usually like Carnivale here during the first week of May. It's been unusually silent. Maybe they are waiting for the weekend. And I think the people who had house parties with bands moved out, which is a bummer for summer. It was free live music outside for the whole walled in complex. If I have to wait for July 4th to get these people in the streets, I'm going to be really put out.

So . . . yeah. Rain tomorrow. The warnings for Mt. Charleston starts at 5am, the watches for the valley start then. There is some sort of difference between a watch and a warning. It means the mountain folk are getting hail, too. I'll be surprised if it rains here. We are in a meteorological dead zone here. On Tuesday it rained in Henderson, and in Green Valley. There is a tongue of Las Vegas kind of in between the two. We are that tongue (Google has decided that it is "Paradise", NV) and it did not rain here. So above, below, and around, but not on. I guess that is what we get for living in a Google Maps construct.

Boomer is back to normal. She is asleep and dreaming next to me on the couch. She's out in the living room with me most of the time, instead of hiding. She still won't stand up to Freddie, but that might be best, since she's twice the size of wee Fred and could kick Freddie's ass if she put her mind to it.

Jesus, it was just 3:43, and it's 5 now. I go into a serious time warp when I write in here.

Tonight I'm going to take another shot at gutsy remastering of my piece, "Get the Girl", and if I like what I get, I'm going to post it on Clammr and Soundcloud tonight. I don't have a back-up piece in mind, I have kind of put all my eggs in this piece working out. I've read 23 tutorials on how to use the Pitch Shift feature in Audition, and watched 7. It takes a light hand.

Understand, I am no closer to understanding what I am doing in Audition or why it works, or how. I just follow directions and press the buttons I'm told to press. Sometimes I experiment with settings, but not a lot. But I really have no idea why what I do does or does not work. I am no sound engineer. I know when something sounds wrong and I hit the undo button and start over. This level of technology really is beyond me, I suspect that it has something to do with math.

I'm hearing Carly Rae Jepson for the first time, and no, I don't like it at all. Where is the good music? Which reminds me of two things: first, I have a new EP to listen to from a new band that started following me on Twitter; and second, Johnette Napolitano hasn't written back to me yet. I'm pretty sure she is touring right now.

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