Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Okay then . . .

I got a piece remastered, posted to (my username is Cydniey Buffers, if you get curious about what I'm posting, I'm only posting pieces I really like the words to or really like the performances of). Then I made a clip from the middle of it, and posted that on Clammr. I'm in the Murmurs and Shouts, or Shouts and Murmurs channel. It's the channel they push you to subscribe to when you sign up. For the foreseeable future, all of my posts will go there, according to my contact with them. I'm not getting any traffic from Clammr yet. I post the links to Facebook and Twitter. Actually twice to Twitter, once automatically when I upload the piece to soundcloud, then again manually with a piece of the lyrics.

Steadily, I get 4 plays. So with my 100 or so Facebook "friends", and my 800-ish (it hovers around the 840 mark) Twitter followers, I get 4 plays. And my Twitter followers aren't fake. I block the bots so they aren't part of my statistics. Same with Facebook. I create new, high res graphics for each of my new pieces, the remastering I'm doing is making a big difference in the volume and quality of the pieces I already have recorded. I read the marketing tutorials and articles and I do what they say. With Clammr, it's a matter of time, they depend upon my following (HA!) as much as I rely on their new audience right now.

My eyes are set now on getting a hold of a professional microphone for a few hours, or a couple of hours of studio time. There are sound studios all over the place here. I think I'll reach out on Twitter. Maybe I can work something out instead of cash. Like if I find my own mixer, maybe I can use the studio when they're closed for cheap, and worry about paying the mixer with trade of something else. If I could get plays on soundcloud and back up my talent (I do have talent, don't I?), I would be better able to impress a studio owner/mixer/producer. I'd also like to find someone who could hook me up with musicians and DJs.

I know, I need to go downtown and start performing again. Extra reason I can't go alone. I've been seeing two of my arch enemies in pictures of the poetry events down there. And ALL the poetry events are down there. Carter is king of Downtown now. He finally found an identity: Hipster. Pay no attention that he's 47. Yeah, I'm just jealous. And there is NO WAY IN HELL that I can face him or any of his good friends when I am alone. Oh, no no no no no no.

God, did I really write to Johnette Napolitano? Did I really ask if I could read her song? Christ. What was I on? No, I was sober. No more of that mess. She's probably waiting until monday morning and then getting a restraining order on me. I can be so impulsive.

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