Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

I talk too damn much.

I forgot to mention that Doc has built up massive friend points by really being there for me with this back thing. He even massaged it. Which is weird, because we don't touch. And he hugged me a couple of times and asked me a lot if I was okay. And he brought me breakfast the other day and cleaned up the bacon mess I made the next day on the stove, and never said a thing. He's really been great.

I got some interesting mail yesterday. A card from the Vet we go to about Lelu. It was completely full on the inside, the whole staff had signed it and written a bit of something. And they sent a fancy print out of the Rainbow Bridge poem. I put it all up on the shrine. The feels, I nearly had them. Fucking Seroquel makes me apathetic. Grr.

Then I got something from the "welfare" people, and this was interesting. I was told I would be notified by mail this week that I had been denied. That's not quite what I got. What I got was an account # and PIN# to use the Telephone Voice Service regarding lost cards and such. So these people are really confused. I just laughed. Bite me.

I talked to Kelli. She's handling her cabin fever in a healthy way this year. She's fucking with the mind of her ex, who got away scott-free once, but didn't have the sense to stay gone. So she's decided to have a little fun. I just wish I could be with her. We do so much more damage as a team. We're going to be ghost friends when we die and haunt the shit out of people.

Finally, my play list got off the David Bowie/Lady Gaga kick. Yes, I like them. Not all at once.

I think I'll take one last cruise through the tweeter and then go to bed. You won't see so many RT's on my twitter list. The Time Line refreshes every time I RT, which is bad. Very bad. Unless I want to read 10 or 20 at a time, and I can't get a good sample of what's up in 10 or 20 tweets. I need to go through a big grouping all at once to get a sample and form an opinion. Read he articles and blogs from both sides and decide who is out of their fracking minds and who's side I'm on, then I can refresh another couple hundred and move on to the next subject. It fits the twitter news cycle. The news sites tweet out their new headlines every half an hour or so. And then you have headlines from people you follow, who follow a news source that you don't follow because their news rarely interests you. It's finding out what/who is on the cable news networks without turning the channel.

Okay, enough. I made up a new meaning for "facebook". Yes, lowercase. It means "mildly annoying". I coined it in a tweet to Twitter and Twitter Support. I told them they "were being so 'facebook' (mildly annoying)." So hey, maybe one of the hamster nerds will run with it. Right, the day I do something that goes viral is the day you should be looking up for Jesus Christ himself.

Okay, though I type fast when I am thinking on here, this entry has taken a half an hour. I need to go set up the computer and speakers (which Teeny so grandly rearranged for me) for bed tonight, take my meds, smoke a smoke and watch the news for the weather. I can't see any more about the shooting in SC. I just can't. Or the one in Florida that killed a schizophrenic man having a psychotic episode, armed with a broom. I can't take any more. It's too much. Does that make sense? I can no longer reconcile it as reality. A really big part of me believes it is part of a continuing nightmare. That it can't be real, all of these needless deaths, all of these marginalized people. It's hurting me.

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